Taking a break

So… Im taking a break. Why? Well I don’t think im at all in the right state of mind to write anything positive.
February has been the worst month ever. I’ve cried so many times, and some I never told anyone. I even had a small little cry today. So, I think a break is needed.

At least im not making an impulse decision and quitting my blog. My mental health just isn’t okay right now, I’ve suffered quite a lot this year but its not getting any better. Im going to councillor Tuesday which im actually petrified about, its so early in the morning.
Also, have hardly any friends in college and I might be going to this thing and making friends which im also petrified about.
I wish I had someone to talk to and not be scared that im annoying them.

Also, I proberly won’t be on social medias much. I’ll of course reply to private messages but other than that I’ll be gone for a bit.

Ill see you sometime soon.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


4 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Judy, You are right about the dilemma in letting an employer know. As a manager, I strive toward creating an open and colliboratave environment but realize there are other employers who don't work the same way. That is unfortunate because, as you pointed out, caregivers are some of the most organized, committed and resourceful people there are! I'm sorry you've been having trouble with the commenting. I'll see if there's something I can do on my end to make it easier. Thanks for your extra effort in leaving a comment!


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