Roast me..

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog!
Let me introduce myself… Im A (other name if you know my real name, which is actually a few of you).
Lets talk about my anonymity for a bit. Im anonymous, if its not obvious enough. I suck at being anonymous, quite a few of you know what I look like and my real name.. Im not naming any blogger who know.
Im not going to suddenly start showing my face on this blog because I don’t have the confidence and because if my parents found out id actually cringe at the thought they read my posts.
Im a teenager, I want to be independent on this blog, I am pretty independent already but this is my blog and id rather not have help. Knowing my parents they would treat it as “Lets get you more followers” which is borderline stupid. Im so not interested in gaining followers, it’s nice to see that people read my posts but I don’t write to become a huge millions of followers blogger.
I purely do it to share my thoughts, chat with you all and make some amazing friends which I have.
All the friends I’ve made in here are literally so amazing, we all support each other whilst driving each other crazy (I may or may not be directing that to someone).
I love the friends I’ve made on here, of course their are some bloggers im not so keen on but im sure ever blogger is like that.
Talking about hate. I would so love to do one of those reacting to hate comments but unlikely (luckily actually) I don’t get any hate.. wouldn’t it be cool if you all tried to roast me and I reacted to it.. Firstly that would be an interesting post.. Okay lets do that.
Either put it in the comments, message me it or ask a friend who somehow knows me to send it in. I would seriously love to see how you guys roast me.. Be as funny and bitchy as you want..

I proberly have had some hate in the past but I cant find it so its now up to you to be as savage as you want towards me.. Im excited.. To get roasted? Yes bitch I am.

Have fun roasting me, ill be laughing more than anything.

Im going to end this post before I start rambling some more.

See you soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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