Hello everyone, because im sleep deprived and was incredibly bored I looked back through my old posts and realised… I haven’t done a storytime in so long, I love sharing embarrassing, idiotic or just plain weird moments in my life.

Today I thought I would share quite a few stories, mostly embarrassing because im awkward af.

If you know me, you will know im an absolute biatch.. And I have a tendency to roast people when they flirt with me… I know its weird.. Well if its anyone I don’t particularly have an interest in I’ll get sassy and tell them to shove it up their ass.. I don’t know why im like this.
Now, im quite stupid.. When I was in school there was this guy, ill call him Weedy.. He was getting a bit.. flirty, and calling me ‘adorable’. I was like “Bitch, you stupid”.. I’m the least adorable thing you will ever come across. If you somehow see me in real life, you would be like “..The fuck..that thing is far from adorable”.. I know, I know.
Anyway, he just kept on complimenting me and I was like “Nooo, just no” and he would keep telling me I am.. I would get so awkward that I’d leave mid conversation because that biatch was lying to my face.. Im also 95% he was stoned.. Explains a lot.
He also said on a separate occasion that he would do something with me.. Umm anyway, he was so weird and glad I rarely see him.. When I do its normally he would somehow annoy me. Also take note, he’s wayyy taller than me so he seemed intimidating which all my friends knew he was a big softie…that sounds weird.
Im just very awkward around guys, the amount of times me and Viola would walk past a really attractive guy.. And we decide to embarrass ourselves by making really weird noises and faces or saying something that could be taken wayy out of context.. I’ll never learn.

I just embarrass myself easily.. Doesn’t help im accident prone, I’ll trip over nothing. Its embarrassing especially in front of someone.

I hope you enjoyed these stories, I should do more, more often.

I love you all ❤

Anonymous blogger,signing out xxx


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