Whose the girl behind the blog?

I want to talk about me. Not blog me.. The girl behind the blog.
This is post was inspired by the oh so fabulous Elm! Check out her post before you read mine, I’ll leave a link to her blog at the end of the post.

So.. Whose the girl behind the blog? Only a few knows the real me and im okay with that. I knew I couldn’t keep my identity secret forever, I’d eventually share who I am with some bloggers and in some cases I revealed who I am on the first conversation. Stupid? No. I must trust you a hell of a lot to show you who I am and to reveal my name which FYI – My name is borderline boring.

The girl behind the blog is a girl that is normal.. Says the girl who on the phone makes really weird sounds.. Okay im not quits normal but I do have feelings and emotions.. Some really great and some not so much. I can be annoying, I like to sing, I like to be silly and im a normal teenager but im the teenager with a secret blog.

This blog is and will always be a part of me, it has helped me make so many amazing friends, I bond with bloggers who I would of never of met if it wasn’t for blogging.. And those bloggers know the real me. They don’t think of me as A, they know me as my real name and I love that.
Most of the friends I’ve made are anonymous and we connected over that.. Im not just a teenage blogger, im a crazy strange person when im not blogging I live a normal life..

If you knew me as my real name would you think of me still as a blogger or just human? If that makes any sense.

I hope you enjoyed this post, definitely check out Elm’s post, she explained it better than me.

Elm : http://www.justelm.wordpress.com

See you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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