Things on my mind

Hey guys! Let’s get really deep and talk about weight. This could possibly be a trigger to anyone who is or has struggled with their weight, if that applies to you then I encourage you not to read this.

The reason I want to talk about weight is because I do get insecure about my weight. If you don’t know, I went though a period where I hardly ate anything.. Well I’ve been like this for years but only started noticing this year.
The amount of times people have commented on how my body looks is ridiculous.

I over hears this one guy say to his friend “Take the piss out of something that they can’t help” which he was referring to height.. I could easily kick you in the balls so do even try and make that joke with me.

Anyway, at the time people would comment on how skinny I am and that I never eat. The thing is they only say it because I NEVER eat in front of people, very few friends have seen me eat. It makes me uncomfortable to eat in front of anyone, they generally look at me because they’ve never seen me eat before.

Earlier today I was just leaning back on my chair and I realised how around my waist, my trousers didn’t fit as well as they did before… Hold on ill check the size.. They are a size 8. I might need to change into something that fits better. I can still fit into my Year 6 Leavers shirt.. Its a bloody size 10-11. Im not saying being like this is a bad thing, its just not good either.

“You’re so skinny” “You’re the perfect height and weight” “Wow.. You don’t weigh much”
“She’s anorexic”
.. Bitch, no I’m not. I have grown to like my weight, hell yes im small and I can fit into things you can’t.

Okay, im going to talk about something I’ve talked about before but I want to touch on it again which actually makes me nervous too…
I’m pretty comfortable talking about boobs,bras and all that stuff but if you have been here for a while, you know I never was. In school, people would constantly comment on them to the point it made me cry one day.
My asshole ex ex boyfriend even took the piss out of me.. He also asked once to tell me when im on my period so he can avoid me..umm.. Okay then. To be honest he was a bad boyfriend in everyway possible.

I do like my body now, I may not love it but Im not that girl anymore who would cry about it. Im not that girl who will take anymore bullshit from anyone who has a problem with how I look.. You can shove your opinion up your ass. I will get sassy about it.. Ill click my fingers all I want bitch..

While were at it, fuck my negative emotions too. My stupid fucking brain takes over my happiness and its about time it stops. I will be happy.. FUCK YOU BRAIN.. I encourage anyone who doesn’t feel okay with themselves to speak up.
After years of telling myself everything bad, I will finally say that Im happy with how I look and how I feel, if I want to feel like sassy little biatch then I will”

So long as I keep loving myself I will be happy.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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