5 things that piss me off

This post will proberly be the bitchiest post ill ever right so get ready for ultimate sass.

Im all about being a little sassy bitch, if you know me you know that there’s two bitchiness levels for me, one being actually mean and incredibly rude insults and two being the more friendly, sassy and savage bitch.

I haven’t even introduced what im doing yet, well im going to be pointing out what pisses me right off and throwing in a bit of shade and savageness.


1. When stupid ass bitches take up the whole corridor and when you try and get past just walk into you.. They don’t even see me most of the time. I get that you cant hear me coming and you’re a oblivious bitch but at least fucking check that someone not coming before you start twerking in the corridor.. Bitch, no one wants to see your flat ass.

2. One thing I hate more than anything is when someone doesn’t close the door behind them.. I hate you if you do that. If you fucking opened it and them you leave… CLOSE IT! Don’t tell me to close it when you opened it, asshole. My sister does this all the time that I actually have to get angry and shout at her to close it, if she doesn’t.. she better run. It pisses me off soo much.

3. When someone walks so fucking slow and they don’t leave any room so you can go past them.. I don’t mind if its the elderly or disabled, ill gladly wait but when inconsiderate teenagers or small bratty kids do it.. I’ll motherfucking slap you. If you are taking soo long and I have lost my patience I will push past you and I couldn’t give less of a crap.

4. When some I care deeply about doesn’t tell me what’s wrong. Lately this year Im all about making people smile, laugh or just happy and when someone I absolutely adore isn’t okay, I devote all my love and attention to them but when they keep it in, I tend to get a little annoyed because I want to help them but I cant if I don’t know what’s wrong. This doesn’t piss me off too much, it more frustrates me.. Also pisses me off when someone gives up on me but there’s nothing I can do about that.

5. The ultimate one..the last one.. People who lie. Yes all of us lie like “I definitely didn’t eat the last Oreo” but the people who lie about things that are related to mental health and serious things.. Viola knows exactly who im talking about.. Yes Viola.. Her. I shake my head at all the people that do that.

Im 99% sure I pissed a lot of people off but deal with it bitches. Yes this is the side you rarely see and maybe you hate me now but guess what.. I dont care. My blog, my rules bitch.


Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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