Spring Memories

Hey guys, today lets just have some fun. Lets just talk about crazy things and nothing negative at all, maybe this will put a smile on your face or make you laugh.

Its now spring! The time of the year when the Cadbury cream eggs come out and the weather is a bit warmer. I don’t mind spring that much, its not my favourite season but it is where most of my great memories are. Around spring/summer in school was when many lovely memories were formed. The time we’d play Frisbee and try and hit each other with it and then the times we’d throw grass at each other and I would very slowly sprinkle grass in Viola’s hair and she would be soo oblivious to it.. It gave it away when I would cry laugh.
I really really loved those times, im most happy around this time of the year.

I love spring/summer memories, when I look back at myself I see myself smiling running around with my friends.. Laughing and just thinking “I love my friends so much, they make me happy” and then continuing to throw grass at them.

I do really miss those times, even though they got on my nerves sometimes, they still made me smile and laugh all the time.

My point is a lot of my happiness comes out this time of year because its sunny and I just love it.

I’d remember walking with my friends onto the field and just be skipping and happy and we’d sit down and make each other laugh and maybe some shade was thrown but we still was all really good friends. Maybe the boys would kick the football at us but if a certain guy was with us they would be too scared to and would leave us alone but the guy was also really weird and annoying.

There was soo much drama between the group but we still stayed together throughout it all and now the only person I have left from the group is my best friend. She really can’t leave me, we are married so they’d be a lot of paperwork to fill out.

Tell me your happiest spring memories.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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