A Change

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Lets just have a talk.
I’ve been a terrible person, in many ways. This blog used to be so positive and now its a dumping ground of my depression.

From now on I wont talk about my mental health because its just annoying now.
*A publishes a new post*
“I bet it’s another one about her depression”
*Reads post*
“Yep I was right”

I want to get back into doing fun, interesting not depressing posts like monthly stats.. Remember that? Favourites, maybe dabble in a bit of makeup. I want to at some point pull out all my old school things and show you guys how much of a twat I was and give you some tips on how to survive school.. I barely survived.

I also want to collab more, which I haven’t done in a while proberly because it borderline stresses me out. I want to have more fun on this blog. I want to record my spring/summer days out with my best friend. I want to talk to more bloggers, become good friends with bloggers I never thought I’d ever be friends with..
Ill be honest.. Everyone in the blogging community is so great and cool. Its like when you want to be friends with that ‘popular’ cool person in school and you cant because you are awkward and you’d proberly annoy them.. I want to be good friends with a lot of bloggers but I doubt that would happen.

Anyway, I want to make this blog all happy and positive again. Be that happy weirdo you used to know.

Starting from now, there’s going to be a change. Happier posts. I also need to stop sucking at being anonymous.. I bet all of you know who I am now.. I wouldn’t be surprised.

This is just to tell you guys that I’ll stop with the depressing post and ill try my hardest to stop with the negative thoughts that take over me on a daily basis. Soon I’ll put up a singing video.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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