Thoughts through my day 2

“Its 1:15am.. I need to sleep but I fell asleep earlier so im screwed”
“I know what I should do.. Set alarm so I can shower in the morning but, I just showered…FUCK”
“Roses are red, some diamonds are blue Chivalry is dead but your still kinda cute”
“Love that song…”
“Your friends think im hopeless they dont understand but this imperfect love can start over again..”
“I still need to do that singing thing.. Crap. Hiccups.. Again”
“I swear anyone can look good in plaid.. I love it”
*Looks through Youtube*
“Steal her man makeup tutorial.. How much of a bitch do you have to be to do that?! My god.”
“It depends if the boyfriend goes for her instead of being loyal, why am I thinking about this?!.. Stop thinking about it”
“Is it just me that never gets fall out with an eye shadow..wait.. Is that a lie? Proberly”
“Its 3am… Im not asleep. I’ve got a busy day today..Urgh”
“Oh no, its 8:17am. Im going to be late”
“Ooooo, old photos. I wonder if that photo is there… Nope.I’ll find it one day”
“Great, Im going to be extra late”
“Okay lets just go”
“ There’s so many people.. Kill me now”
“Fuuuuckkkk.. Its so crowded… I cant go the other way otherwise I’ll be late.. Anxiety here I come”
“Is the doors going to open for me today.. YAS”
“Why is there HAIR sticking out of the locker.. Not just a little bit.. A whole chunk… The fuuuuuck”
“Should I just shove it back in… That sounds so bad”
“Why does he have laptops…😐”
“NOOOOO I have to wash the hair 😩 I hate it so much”
“Does he not realise I need someone to hold it… HELLO! I need help over here”
“Thank you, oh now you’re leaving me”
“I’ve had dreams about death for a while and its supposed to mean that a phase is ending or a part of me is dead.. The only part of me that is dead is my hair”
“Oh god, I made myself laugh.. Hahahahahahahahaahahahha”
“I can’t laugh out loud they will think im crazy…er. My eyes are watering hahahahahshahahah”
“Im not sure why im finding it so funny”
“This stool is weird, every few minutes it goes lower and lower… The fuuuu..”
“Oh yay.. Free period to do what I want.. And I’ll go on my phone”
“Is the radiator on?….. *gasp* it is. My life is complete!”
“Haha I have weird thoughts”
“Can I go now? Im bored”
“Yass! Bye! Won’t miss you”
“Well that’s embarrassing it didn’t open for me again.. I SWEAR im to short for it to detect me… Meh. Im small and sassy”
“Is that Viola?…Ohh it is”
“I’ve been with you five minutes and I already hate you”
“My weirdness takes over my bitchiness sometimes”
“Lets go to the.. PARRRKKKK!”
“You’re a nightmare, child”
“But.. She is my best friend and I love her”
“Hahahahahahahaha, she fell off and I got it on video”
“Spinny thinggggg!!! Yesss!”
“Don’t you dare bitch… Asshole 😐”
“Off to the baby park we go!”
“………. Mind goes blank”
“We better go”
“See you later biatchhhh!”
“Well this is awkward.. Everyone on their phones and I’m not..”
“Ooooo, pretty colours”
“This stupid uniform is really uncomfortable”
“I’ve already been taught this.. 😐”
” I look like a maid..”
“Hahaha, blowing up these gloves is fun”
“Bleach don’t smell good… Damn”
“Okay..I’ve done it wrong.. Oopsy..”
“Im sure she doesn’t mind.. Rosanna isn’t much of a talker”
“Can we.. You know.. Go on a break. My legs are aching”
“Why are they talking about this.. I dont care if a girl asked your boyfriend if he would have sex with her”
“Okay, yeah id be pissed too”
“I’ll just ease drop.. Ooo, so much drama”
“She did what…. Oh damn”
” Okay lets go back in..”
“There’s blu, gre,pi,pu and so many more… πŸ˜‚”
“Wash this out, oopsy.. water everywhere”
“I 100% bet it won’t turn blonde… Nope. Meh.”
” I wannttttt… pu”
“Just slap it on, this bitch is rushing us.. If you tell me to hurry up one more time.. Your face is going into the table”
” I know this won’t turn out Pu”
“Oh look.. It didn’t”
“Okay clean up then we can go”
“Bye bitches”
“Im so tired.. So hungry.. And aching everywhere”

And then for the rest of the day I listened to music and ate.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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