Other people’s appearance

A while ago I wrote a post about how im learning to accept my appearance but I never talked about other people’s appearances.

I’m not going to rate people because that’s just not nice in my opinion.
I know what a fair few anonymous bloggers look like and I will say all of them are very attractive and fabulous.

I don’t think anyone is unattractive or ugly, I dont think that anyone can be ugly.

When I first meet or see someone I first look at their eyes, I can make a pretty quick judgement if I like this person or not. Not at all by their appearance but by the way they act. If I like their personality then their appearance follows but I never judge by the way they look.

I have people in my life that I think are extremely attractive (Like seriously perfect). I’m not naming names.. I might later but some bloggers I know are so perfect to me.. I feel like you all are trying to guess now.

Lets be honest, most people judge who they are going to date or be friends with by their appearance which is just, in multiple ways fucked up. Looks don’t last forever guys!
I just don’t think those sorts of people should get into relationships.

Sure everyone sees someone attractive and says to their friend “She/he’s attractive”. For all you know they could be complete dicks and then you’re disappointed, im not saying all attractive people are assholes.
Those people that are ‘unattractive’ could have really lovely personalities.

I know real life people that are really pretty but the fact that they treat people like shit takes over the fact that they attractive.

Obviously there are people who I don’t like because of their personalities and then I continue to hate them for eternity. Some of them are from real life and I do have a few bloggers I hate with a passion or I just don’t like that much.

It all depends if you’re an asshole.

I’ve rambled on way too much it. Tell me what you look for in a person.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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