Things you should know about me

Things you need to know about me;
• I have a temper
• I get triggered easily
• Small things piss me off
• I’m really weird
• Im a clean freak
• Mental health takes over my life
• I love helping people
• I’m not always a good person
• My laugh and voice are beyond stupid
• I won’t try anything new incase I don’t like it
• I have serious trust issues
• My friends mean the world to me
• I can’t do crowds, they scare me
• I find it hard to say yes to things
• I hide my depression with smiles and laughing. (It works well)
• I cry a lot
• Im a VERY clumsy person
• I have a weird sense of humour
• Nothing in my life is easy
• I can’t detect colour well but im not colour blind
• If im talking to someone about something serious I re-read what im about to say 10 times so I don’t say something by accident
• I love fashion, hair and makeup
• Im a very creative person
• I used to read a lot of books
• I have bad eyesight
• Only one person knows my biggest secret.


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