Roast Myself Challenge

Hey guys! Today I want to roast myself.. Why? No idea. I thought it might be fun and my self esteem is already embedded into the floor so why not do it.
I’m proberly going to get real bitchy with myself so be prepared..

First things first, you’ve got low self esteem and
When walking past people it makes you want to scream.
You think you can do a diss track when you can’t even rap
do yourself a favour and give yourself a good slap.
No one even loves you that’s why you cry all the time
Go and get plastic surgery and maybe then you will look like less of a swine.

Yes bitch, I just went there
stop whining because nobody cares.
Your jokes are weak, and so are you
Its not surprising you can’t get a dude.

Always being friend zoned.. Aww poor you.
Don’t blame other people when the problem is you.
Never original. Lazy as fuck. Ugly also but that’s your bad luck.

That’s right bitch, hitting you deep. When you have all these insecurities all scrambled up
but the truth is no one gives a fuck.

Short ass girl. Only 5ft 1″, maybe that’s why you wont get done.
This diss track is coming to an end
because your not worth my time and
maybe next time learn how to rhyme.

Okay. That was fun. Im not sure if im supposed to tag people. If you want to do it then go ahead but I wont pressure people into tapping into their deepest insecurities.
I hope you enjoyed and ill see you soon.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


4 thoughts on “Roast Myself Challenge

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