Hey guys, today I wanted to do a tag and I think this is an interesting tag. Lets begin

1: What are you wearing? Pyjamas
2: Ever been in love? Yep
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Yep, many actually
4: How tall are you? 5ft 1″
5: How much do you weigh? Fuck knows, I have no idea.
6: Any tattoos? Nope, but do want one.
7: Any piercings? I do indeed
8: OTP? I dont think I have one
9: Favourite show? NCIS. I love murder solving shows
10: Favourite bands? I have a few not one particular one.
11: Something you miss? I have someone I miss, my auntie.
12: Favourite song? I don’t have a favourite song right now, I have phases where I have songs on repeat.
13: How old are you? 16
14: Zodiac sign? Leo
15: Quality you look for in a partner? Caring. And if you’re funny and can make me smile. If you can make me smile when im depressed.. That’s just talent
16: Favourite Quote? Never let go of something you love’ and I keep by that quote.
17: Favourite actor? Im not sure, I have a favourite comedy duo, but I’ve forgotten their names.. Wait.. Simon Pegg and the other one.. I have no idea what the other ones name is.
18: Favourite color? Blue
19: Loud music or soft? Loud for sure
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? To my bed or bathroom to cry.
21: How long does it take you to shower? Too long, over an hour for sure.
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Quite long. I believe an hour – 1h 40 minutes.. Im slow at everything.
23: Ever been in a physical fight? I dont think I have.
24: Turn on? Being smart or sassy, then I can relate. Ha.ha.
25: Turn off? Don’t take into consideration other peoples feelings
26: The reason I started blogging? To help people.
27: Fears? People, heights, snakes.
28: Last thing that made you cry? Oh god, I cried today.. I cant say.
29: Last time you said you loved someone? Tuesday
30: Meaning behind your Blog Name? I wanted to be anonymous and I couldn’t think of anything better. I took a good 30 minutes figuring out a name.
31: Last book you read? A GCSE maths revision book.. I’ve done my GCSEs but I was interested.
32: The book you’re currently reading? I dont read books.
33: Last show you watched? NCIS
34: Last person you talked to? Viola
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Well she’s my bestfrisnd and I HATE HER GUTS..joking love you. Wait.. Do I have to change my answer now.. Na.
36: Favourite food? I don’t have one
37: Place you want to visit? I really really want to visit London to go see my favourite blogging people
38: Last place you were? My room….
39: Do you have a crush? Nope, even if I did I wouldn’t tell you
40: Last time you kissed someone? Forever ago
41: Last time you were insulted? Um.. my sister looked at me today.. Im going to say that counts
42: Favourite flavour of sweet? I really really like lime flavoured sweets
43: What instruments do you play? I don’t
44: Favourite piece of jewellery? No
45: Last sport you played? Hahahahah. Wait.. It might of been football.
46: Last song you sang? Up by Olly Murs and Demi Lovato
47: Favourite chat up line? I don’t even know any chat up lines
48: Have you ever used it? No, because I know none
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Last Saturday with two biatches
50: Who should answer these questions next?
I think that Viola should answer these next.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Also, about the singing thing. You might be getting it this week, or weekend..

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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