I miss you. Blunt and straight to the point, but that’s been playing in my mind for days. I can’t move on, I don’t want to move on. You left so suddenly, and I’ve cried everyday since.

A song will play that reminds me of you and I’ll break down, knowing that you aren’t in my life anymore. Knowing that no one could make me smile like you did.. I won’t be happy anymore.

I look back on photos and I saw how happy I was, smiling so much that my jaw ached.
Things are so different now. You aren’t there anymore to say goodnight everyday, you aren’t there when im not okay and your never will see me be the crazy weirdo that I am.

My days are so empty without you, I never wanted you to leave. I wanted you to stay, but you didn’t want to. I was never the victim, I caused all the pain this time. It was all my fault.

Its my fault that you are not in my life anymore, and that’s painful. Its painful to see you have moved on while im here in agony, crying about losing you.

No one compares to you, I could never look at someone in the same way I saw you. I need to move on but its hard to move on from something that you loved so much.
Your still the best I’ve ever had, I lost the best I’ve ever had.
I’ve cried many times about you, before it happened I cried but never told you. I cried because I knew I was losing you. I cried because I thought you dont love me. Was I right?
If I found out the truth now, it would hurt.  But im pretty numb now.

With all this said, I need to move on. I need to stop crying over you. I need to stop thinking about you everyday. Every hour. Every minute. Every second.
I know ill never love again, I cant. I wont. How could I when im still in love with you?
Rhetorical question? Yes.
The inside jokes were too much, do you remember them? Bori does. So does Dave,Bob,Everton and lets not forget Churchill. Oh god, I cried laughing over these jokes.

I’ll miss you. I will always love you.

Your sincerely,

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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