I’m the best

Yo bitches. Today lets talk about me because I love me and I only matter in this world.
Everyone loves me and I know they do because who wouldn’t im absolutely perfect.
There’s only one thing I love more than myself and that is the mirror. I just love looking at myself in the mirror because im such a beautiful person its hard not to stare at me.

I don’t need makeup at all, I’ve got so much natural beauty that everyone’s jealous.
They should be because im the best thing on this earth.

Anyway, I should go.

I know you all love me.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


4 thoughts on “I’m the best

  1. Ojoj, her var d jaggu mye lekkert!Her kommer det garantert til Ã¥ tikke inn fristelser i fleng i Mail-boksen ;))Takk til deg Fru Fly som tipser! Er jeg den heldige vinner av et gavekort er det minstemann i heimen som blir lykkelig eier av et par grÃ¥ tex-støvler med stjerne Michelle. Blir nok en ny favoritt <3Tvi-tvi og lykke til alle sammen! 😉


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