I’ve noticed something.
Mental health is spreading.
More people are aware yet everyone’s being diagnosed.
Anxiety. Depression.
Why? Because of society.
People. Did this.
Fat, is seen as bad.
Skinny is seen as perfect.
Wearing the ‘wrong’, not in fashion clothing is seen as trampy.
Yet, having designer, in fashion clothing is seen as bratty.
We can’t win because today’s society is so  fucked up.
Brains have evolved into monsters
People have evolved into monsters.
We have more hate today then ever in history.

Everyone is creating a unfair image on everyone else.
Big ass. Big boobs.
Big muscles. Six pack.
If you don’t have these things, you are seen as ugly.
But if you do, people will take advantage.

Society is the ugly one. Society is fucked up.
But society is the people.
Yet the people are being diagnosed.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


4 thoughts on “People.

    1. I don’t like Blue Buffalo too much. I think you should try something like Me18kci&#r2r7;s or Orijen or Evo. If you want to, you could add some real ground meat to the Wellness and see if that works. It will make it more healthy for your dog too.

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