Start Of Something New (High School Musical reference not intended)

Think of someone close to you. Think of what it was like before you met them.
It feels strange to think that someone so important to, you once you didn’t know.

Once they were a stranger. And the people who you once knew are now strangers to you.

It’s crazy how fast people can connect but also how fast people can go. One gone means another beginning, and that beginning is something special.

I want to start a new friendship, I want to become close to the people who were strangers, and that blossom into something great. Start new memories but, never let the others be forgotten.
Let go of the ones I once knew. Im ready to.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


4 thoughts on “Start Of Something New (High School Musical reference not intended)

      1. Excellent article, synthétique et clair. Si nous arrivons à comprendre que chaque personne a une carte de la réalité différente, nous arriverons beaucoup mieux à communiquer. Cela est d’autant plus vrai quand on apprend une langue étrangère comme l&onsur;aqglais.Hélène, La coach des bilingues anglais Articles récents…


  1. It’s actually so ridiculous! Like I once never knew my best friend! Like wth! Also thing is we often tend to stay away from people not in our group and it actually stops so many opportunities to make new friends!!


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