Let’s talk about something serious

I do want to warn you now, I’ll be talking about suicide and self harm in this post. So if you’re sensitive to this subject please don’t read.

Hey everyone, I want to talk about something that have caught my attention over the last month or so.

I have a little sister, right now I’m pretty close to her but she’s been heavily bullied by what she apparently calls friends. One of her friends has bullied her called her ‘Fat’ ‘Ugly’ ‘Worthless’ and what made me write this post ‘Kill yourself’. That ‘friend’, I don’t like her, and that friend is also scared of me. So, as a big sister the right thing to do is to go to that person and do something about it, but because I’d rather not have someone shit themselves in front me, I’m not doing that.
That friend, is a family friend’s daughter. This girl I know has self harmed in the past and for that bitch to tell my little sister to kill herself has really pissed me off.
My sister is already so self conscious of her weight and has definitely thought about suicide before.

My little sister has another friend who does deal with depression and has self harmed before. He has been told to kill himself before which he then came home and self harmed because of it.

When will you all fucking learn that the shit you say affects people. Do you think telling someone to kill themself is funny? Do you think it’s clever? Stupid bitch.


Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


10 thoughts on “Let’s talk about something serious

  1. There is too much of this at my school too. It’s appalling. As teens there is so many mental health problems anyway and people saying stupid stuff is just so unnecessary! Thing is those people r almost always insecure! Ahhh I write a post on it a while back too because the other thing about it is it effects those people around then as well which is like a chain effect!
    Great post there needs to be more awareness!
    DaisyChainDreaming x


      1. I like both, but as previously mentioned, I’d like to see the Vivid dialed back just a tad. I love my Canon 24-105 as well. It was my workhorse on my Savannah/Charleston vacation recently. Welcome back and looking forward to more of yours and Artie’s visual creations! You two put me on a virtual vacation every time…


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