My Hair Journey

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! I wanted to do an update on my hair because I haven’t really talked about it much really.

So, lets go through my hair journey.

If you have been here for a while you know I used to have long ombre hair which was actually great except the long part. My hair grows pretty slow and it look me 4 long years to get it to waist length but in November 2016 I decided to make a big step and cut it. 

It wasn’t as nerve wracking as I thought, except I did freak out afterwards. It is now chest length but my hair is really thick so its a fucking nightmare to do anything with.

Back in the Summer I said I wanted to dye it an un-natural colour in 2017, which I did. It got dyed purple! Well, magenta. It faded to a pink which I didn’t like so I kept on dying (wait sorry colour, my teachers hate me for saying ‘dye it’ because it applies we are killing it. Which bitch, you aren’t exactly making the condition of the hair any better, are you?)

Anyway, it faded to a pink and since January, its been dyed 3 times more. The last time I dyed it was Monday (this was written just over a month ago)

Right now, the condition of my hair isn’t bad at all (ill insert some pictures of the stages I’ve been through).

My long ombre – 

When I got it cut –

The first time I dyed it purple –

When it faded – 

Dyed it again –

When that faded –

And now –

And in better lighting –

And when that faded –

I then got it cut again –

And basically now – 

So that’s my journey, a long journey but I am happy with it now. I definitely can’t hide easily now because my hair is bright which is a downfall but I do still love it.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx


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