Spilling Out All The Shit

WARNING : Extreme shade to a lot of people which will make me look like an asshole because im focusing on the negatives. You also don’t know the full story so don’t judge. Also, I’m proberly becoming a really nasty bitch so I don’t really give a fuck what people say, this is what all the things I’ve been through this year has done to me.

So, this year has been pretty weird and shitty but has helped me learn many things.
I’ve learned to not put effort into other people, because what’s the point they let you down anyway.
Also, to keep emotions in, and keep things to myself because opening up is my biggest regret.
Hey, lets talk about regrets because I’ve done plenty this year.
I regret living, opening up (as I’ve said), giving a fuck about anything, getting help with my mental health (they made it worse).
Basically, I regret everything I’ve done this year.
FUCK YOU 2017!

With all that’s being said, I’ve also learned that cutting my hair was a really great choice. That’s it.
I couldn’t care less about wanting people to like me, I’ve tried to get people to like me but fuck that shit. I’m never showing emotions again, and then maybe my depression will fuck off. That’s just proof I shouldn’t open up.
All I fucking did was cry. About what? Shitty relationships, losing people, how shitty life is.
Seriously, fuck all the shit that life throws at me. Want people to like me? Don’t fucking bother, no one does anyway you piece of shit.

Hey, at least I have my self esteem😂 Oh you funny fucker.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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