Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! I don’t really have a plan for this post so im just going to ramble on about anything.

So, today has been a bit interesting. I’ve been talking to someone who I rarely talked to in school. He used to sit behind me in English and would always move my chair, I’d get semi annoyed about it. But anyway, he messaged me today and we actually talked for a while about a lot of things, its fair to say I actually enjoyed talking to him. He’s not a bad guy after all.
And then there was this other guy who literally was just lonely and wanted a girlfriend, which I really didn’t want to be his. So, after a while I just ignored his messages and I think he soon got the message I wasn’t interested.

On other news, im not eating meat again. Mainly because of a dream I had which made me so grossed out, it put me off meat all together. So, for the last few days I’ve been eating a bit healthily and of course no meat.

I haven’t been a lot more tidy with my room for like a week. I used to just not be bothered to but anything away but the time I was almost dying because I was standing up all day trying to move my room around and sort it out changed me. I now always back away things when im down and get offended if if sisters but ANYTHING on the floor. Im a lot more organized now.

I also want to change my hair again, but not bullshit ombre thing that I’ve had for years. I want to go a full head of colour, and I’m thinking blue. Like a pastel blue, soon. Possibly soon, ill obviously tell you and show you all if I got it or not.
I’m excited.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve changed a lot. I can gladly say, I haven’t cried in 2 weeks, that’s an achievement for me. My mental health is so much better, I got rid of things that cluttered my mental health, things that I never realised it did until they were gone.
For once I’m actually happy. Sure I’ll have those bad days which I won’t be able to help but overall I’ve become the person I’ve been wishing for months to be.. Happy. A happy person.
I’ve been this sad, depressed person for so long and now proberly temporarily I’m happy. It’s a great feeling.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


2 thoughts on “Ramble

  1. wolfishdelight

    It’s great to hear that you’re feeling happy again!! I’m super excited to see your new hair if you decide to change it 😀


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