Lesson Learned

Today I went around and said thank you to the people I’m grateful to have in my life, this 1. Made me appreciate everyone a little bit more 2. I said thank you to the people I lost contact with and we became friends.
It really made me smile to hopefully of made them smile.

I wanted to do this because of two reasons.
1. I have been very down lately and I wanted to show the people that show me that they care, that even though im not okay doesn’t mean I forgot about what they did for me.
2. Anniversary of my auntie’s death is tomorrow and I’m most likely to cry, so I wanted to spread positivity to show everyone that even though bad things happen, im grateful for them.

I don’t want to live with regret, I know that I’m mostly depressed all the time but I’m trying to see the brighter side in my life. Friends, family, relationships.. Just love.
I want to make everyone feel loved. Because that’s the best feeling ever.

I want to forget the bad times and start the good ones, we don’t know when the time is up.
I don’t want to hold grudges and be angry at anyone.

Life is way too short to waste it. So, love everyone and forget the hate because that shit wastes your time.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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