Blogger Interview with Blogger

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog, today is another interview with my great friend Anonymousblogger. She’s quite new to WordPress and of course I’ll leave her links at the end of the post.

Without further or do,lets begin the interview.

Me : so there are 5 question and the first one is : How are you finding WordPress, since you’re new to it?

Anonymous : Well I’m loving it. I kind of want to moved and on the day I moved, it was all spontaneous but I feel like I have more control than I did with blogger.

Me : I’m glad you like it, what is your goal for this year? Blogging wise and non blogging wise?

Anonymous : For blogging wise, I would just say that I want to publish weekly and hopefully do a lot more interviews. For non blogging, I just want to get more organised with my life!

Me : That’s really great goals, I could recommend some bloggers for you. Have you met any bloggers on WordPress that you have really become great friends with?

Anonymous : I haven’t really made many blogger friends but it someone wanted to be my friend, I would totally. Like you could do blogger collabs and just talk about random things and tag them in random thing on Twitter. However, I made friends with you which is one of the highlights of my blogging experience!❤️

Me : Aww, I’m really glad we’re friends, if you would like to I could introduce you to some of my friends. Since you’re anonymous, do you feel like its a challenge, in any aspect?

Anonymous: Thanks for you support❤️ I feel like it is a challenge because nobody knows your true identity and you can’t make your blog personal but I like it because of that reason as no one knows fully who you are. It’s like my personal getaway. It’s personal life from my blogging life and I know if I’m every sad or bored, I can turn to twitter or my blog and anyone can brighten my day up. Being in the blogging community has become a big deal for me.

Me : I agree, being anonymous is amazing but it does has its ups and downs. It also great to see the person behind the blog. And this is the final question, what is the weirdest comment you have ever got? It can be from blogger or WordPress.

Anonymous : I not really had any weird comment on my blogs. There always been (I don’t know how to describe it) serious in a way and always agreeing with what I have said

Me : I understand that. Anyway, thank you for being part of this interview.

Anonymous: Anytime❤️

That’s the whole interview, and here’s her links;
Blog :
Twitter: @a_blogger2017

Thank you to anonymous blogger for letting me interview her.

See you all soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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