Telling My Blog

Another late night post, how fun. Not really im sure you’ll be reading this in the morning.

I want to touch on something I dont really talk about which is telling people about my blog in real life. Now, blogging is a huge part of my life it has been for 2 years. Lets not forget that im anonymous and to tell someone about this is huge for me.
The times I have told someone, they haven’t really cared and that’s fine and all but when I tell you something that I’ve been keeping secret for years, it shows I trust you.
In the past, I’d not give much care in telling people about my blog. If I slightly thought we were close, I’d tell them. But now, that’s not the case, I’ll make sure I’d completely trust them and in worst case scenario.. They tell people which I’ll be pissed about but its not the end of the world.

Is there a chance I’d tell someone now? No. Not really, I have someone in my life I’m slightly considering telling but then again, I’d want to wait a bit longer since its not been long at all since I’ve known him. Maybe in a few months, if we are still friends and he doesn’t hate me then I’ll be willing to but now? No.

With people in real life, im less cautious with my anonymity. But with online, I’m slightly more careful. Saying that, a lot of people online know. And that because I’m an ass and trust too many people. Okay, the majority of the people I have told I trust and like but some (not naming names) I dont like as much and regret telling.

Anyway, I’ll stop boring you.
See you all soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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