Secret Out

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I’m back. If you didn’t know I went on a break because that’s what bloggers do from time to time, it usually doesn’t last long for me anyway.

So.. I let one of my great friends know about this secret, my blog. For the first time in forever (I finally understand.. Frozen reference, get it..Ha.ha) I actually wasn’t that scared to just give him the link to my blog, you all know that my blog is where I am completely care free and zero fucks are given, and to give someone access to my blog life is exciting and scary.
This is where I share all those tiny secrets and I just realised all my secrets are on here.. That really serious post, remember that? And all my depressing posts with a rare mixture of happy.

Yeah, I know im depressing.. This is all the stuff I dont tell alot people.
I swear if everyone I know knew about my blog, no one would ever want to talk to me again. I can be brutally honest but then again im a soppy weirdo so its even.

I’ll go now since I need to contemplate life and search for the meaning of everyone’s existence.

See you soon.
Anonymous blogger,signing out xxx


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