People I Appreciate


Hellooo people, welcome back to my blog.. Or welcome to my blog which ever one it is, I’m glad you stopped by.

Anyway, today as you can tell by the title, I want to just talk about the people who I appreciate so much.

1. Dani
Dani is one of my closest and bestest friends, she is so caring and so amazing. I’ve known her from basically the start and only this year have we become so close. Definitely check her and Lyss’ blog out, it’s amazing.

2.Β  If you’ve read my post called ‘Ramble’ you’d know I made a friend, and we instantly connected. For the last, I believe nearly a month we have become quite close. He knows about my blog, which is a huge thing for me to tell anyone. He’s a really great person, very caring and an idiot.. But a good, funny type of idiot, if that makes any sense.

3. My best friend.
She’s also a fucking idiot.. Yesterday went and had a whole feast at the back of Asda on a wall.. (It was delicious though). I’ve know her for so long, and I love her πŸ’™

These three people are key priorities in my life, they’re three amazing friends I’m happy to have.
Thank you.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx



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