Posts I Didn’t Finish

If I didn’t have a boring life these posts would be fun and entertaining but no. I’m right now, sat in bed with cramps. Isn’t that just sooo interesting.

Anyway, hello. I was looking through the notes on my phone, a lot of my notes are posts I started to write but gave up on.
So, without further or do, here’s the posts.

1. Heyyy guys! Welcome back to this thing I call a blog. Im sorry if im too sassy and I dont make sense.. Im hyper. I’ve had an Easter egg today.. And that’s a lot of chocolate that my brain can’t handle.

Okay, that not the reason im making a post I wanted to about friendships and relationships because these two things I actually think about more than I should.

Ill talk about them separately then together.


The majority of people have been in relationships, and I have serious respect for people who haven’t yet. I’ve been in a fair few and all except one.

Everything goes fucking wrong. My veins say “XII” which is 13. That just proves I’m bad luck.
So, you’re proberly wondering “What the fuck is the point of this post?”
Well, I thought why not make this the most honest post ever.

I used to like my body, I didn’t think anything was wrong until I noticed my arms. I hate my arms. Then I noticed my legs. I hate them. I hate my fucking body. I don’t like having my arms exposed because I feel ugly and stupid.

I don’t eat enough, and when I do it takes me hours to eat. Eating isn’t something I like really.

Hello. Doesn’t life just scare you sometimes? It scares me.. a lot. Im not sure if this post will be a trigger or not.. I will be talking about death, depression and all the things I think about on a daily basis.

I’m quite a mentally unstable person, I’m not happy all the time.. things trigger and then I got into a state of im so depressed and everyone hates and I should just go and cut and die and everyone would be happy then.. I basically just summed up what I think about when im depressed.

However, there are times when im really happy, when you catch me on my good days.. well done because they are getting rare. This depressing stage has like taken over my life ( out to the person who will know why im laughing at that) anywayyy, negative thoughts rule my life and I wish I could just tell it to get the fuck out my life for good. Its like that ex boyfriend who keeps on coming back or ex girlfriend.. us girls do that too… They treat you like utter crap yet you let them back in because they said they’ve changed… Yeah right, you’re just going to fuck up my life even more… I’m not even talking about anyone in particular 😂 .. You all know what I mean..right?

I do want to talk about relationships more at some point because im totally experienced.. Im really not.. I barely know how to tie my shoes let alone know anything about relationships.. I mean, I’ve had relationships but.. I need to shut up and stop changing subject.

Basically what im trying to say is… My mental health screws up my life.. and my arm.. Yes the self harm. I’m seeing two councillors.. None of them help, its just strategy after strategy.
My other councillor is a bit better than the other one. However he gets way more in depth and im not so comfortable with that, it also doesn’t help that one of them basically said “You’re a pretty girl and having scars on your body won’t..



I’ll stop there, these post I never finished for one reason or another. I’ll speak to you all another time.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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