Healthy Start

So, I’ve been working out.. I know, that’s so unlike me and so out of the ordinary but I was having some health scares that scared me enough I started working out.

I won’t get into the health scares but it was happening for about a week and it really made me want to get my body healthy and strong.
Everyday, I’ve been going for a run and then afterwards I’d workout my arms and legs. As for my eating, haven’t at all started eating healthy because I don’t really know what to eat or where to start.

But working out is going well, I’m not really looking to lose weight because I genuinely don’t think I need it and my weight has been the same for my whole life which I don’t mind.
I do encourage you all to start working out a little a few times a week, it really does improve your health.

Anyways, I’ll see you guys soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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