Ugh, birthday..

Hey everyone, it’s A and welcome back to my blog. It’s currently 2:14am and I’m slightly tired but still awake. I want to talk about something I don’t like that much.. my birthday. I have spoken about this before,I’m pretty sure but I don’t like on the borderline of hate my birthday.

It started when my sister was born on my birthday, which has made me not want a birthday. I’m don’t even share food, so when I was little I hated my sister for being born on my birthday. Also, the fact my parents do absolutely shit for my birthday. You know that parents would get you a present and then a cake and sing happy birthday…… not mine, we get money chucked in our face and that should apparently please us.. also we don’t get a cake.. can’t remember when I got a cake.

And a party? Hahahahahaha. Haven’t had one of those since I was 9.. I’m almost 17 now.

So, I don’t celebrate my birthday it’s not something I want to have.. doesn’t help my sister is counting down the days and it makes me hate her even more.. she’s ran out of days to count now.

You know my hate for new years? Well my birthday is one the same hate scale as that. It’s just not fun anymore.. I know it’s about celebrating your life but what if you hate your life already, can you sense why I don’t want to celebrate it?

There’s many reasons why I hate it, ranging from sharing it to hating my life so much I don’t want to celebrate it.

Ill celebrate others birthdays but not my own, I won’t tell you when it is unless you remember from last year.

Anyways, ill stop complaining now.. it is now 2:30am so I took 16 minutes to write this.. nice. 

See you all soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


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