Hey…Hi…Hello. Welcome to this abouts page. So you wanted to know a bit about me huh? Well okay then.

Hi (Didnt I just say that)… Im A (aka Annoymousblog101) why the 101? Because just annoymousblog was taken.

Im 16 and a girl..I think. The original reason I started this blog was to help people and nearly 2 years later it turned into a.. I actually dont know what you would call this, all I know is that I write and then people read… Im not even sure if people read. I could just be talking to myself right now.

Okay okay, ill stop joking around.

Basically, im a teenage girl that is British, im from the lower part of england and if you move that little street view thing to the side you might find me, actually I really doubt it.

I swear im not always acting like an idiot. If you have got all the information you need….great if not, maybe come back next year I might have updated it.

See yaa


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