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Dear Your Broken Heart

You don’t know who can walk into your life and change it so significantly that it’s unfathomable, that person that walked out of your life did the right thing.

That person can walk out that door without the slightest bit of sadness and that’s honestly great. Sadness is defined an emotional pain, and if leaving caused them none of that then, you shouldn’t feel hurt.

They left without hesitation, and you felt deeply saddened by that. Maybe that person was so special and close to you, maybe that person changed you in ways you felt like you couldn’t do on your own but as I said at the start, people can walk in your life and change it so significantly.

There will always be someone else that unexpectedly walks in your life, that person could become something you cherish more then life itself.
A friendship so remarkable could blossom, or even a relationship that could spark a time you never want to forget.
It’s takes time to heal from a wound, and even more for a broken heart.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

No Title

Lately, I’ve come to realise that I’m not good enough, for anything at all. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking “Stop asking for attention A”.
I’m sure a lot of you, if not all of you think that. Maybe my posts are just boring you because its the same thing over and over again, maybe you’re only here when I’m happy because me being like is making you unhappy.

With that being said, me being depressed the majority of the time is causing my friendships with people to weaken and some to even crumble apart. I don’t know what to do about that, sometimes I think that disconnecting myself with everyone will make all my problems go away. I’ll slowly fade out of everyone’s life and then eventually be forgotten and I’ll be on my own.
Being on my own will make me less stressed on whether everyone likes me or not. I won’t have to constantly be happy to keep a friendship strong, and that then reducing the chances of them leaving.

Its not healthy to think this, nor do I really have anyone to talk to this about so that’s why I post it on my blog.

I just don’t feel okay.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Secret Out

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I’m back. If you didn’t know I went on a break because that’s what bloggers do from time to time, it usually doesn’t last long for me anyway.

So.. I let one of my great friends know about this secret, my blog. For the first time in forever (I finally understand.. Frozen reference, get it..Ha.ha) I actually wasn’t that scared to just give him the link to my blog, you all know that my blog is where I am completely care free and zero fucks are given, and to give someone access to my blog life is exciting and scary.
This is where I share all those tiny secrets and I just realised all my secrets are on here.. That really serious post, remember that? And all my depressing posts with a rare mixture of happy.

Yeah, I know im depressing.. This is all the stuff I dont tell alot people.
I swear if everyone I know knew about my blog, no one would ever want to talk to me again. I can be brutally honest but then again im a soppy weirdo so its even.

I’ll go now since I need to contemplate life and search for the meaning of everyone’s existence.

See you soon.
Anonymous blogger,signing out xxx

Telling My Blog

Another late night post, how fun. Not really im sure you’ll be reading this in the morning.

I want to touch on something I dont really talk about which is telling people about my blog in real life. Now, blogging is a huge part of my life it has been for 2 years. Lets not forget that im anonymous and to tell someone about this is huge for me.
The times I have told someone, they haven’t really cared and that’s fine and all but when I tell you something that I’ve been keeping secret for years, it shows I trust you.
In the past, I’d not give much care in telling people about my blog. If I slightly thought we were close, I’d tell them. But now, that’s not the case, I’ll make sure I’d completely trust them and in worst case scenario.. They tell people which I’ll be pissed about but its not the end of the world.

Is there a chance I’d tell someone now? No. Not really, I have someone in my life I’m slightly considering telling but then again, I’d want to wait a bit longer since its not been long at all since I’ve known him. Maybe in a few months, if we are still friends and he doesn’t hate me then I’ll be willing to but now? No.

With people in real life, im less cautious with my anonymity. But with online, I’m slightly more careful. Saying that, a lot of people online know. And that because I’m an ass and trust too many people. Okay, the majority of the people I have told I trust and like but some (not naming names) I dont like as much and regret telling.

Anyway, I’ll stop boring you.
See you all soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Blogger Interview with Blogger

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog, today is another interview with my great friend Anonymousblogger. She’s quite new to WordPress and of course I’ll leave her links at the end of the post.

Without further or do,lets begin the interview.

Me : so there are 5 question and the first one is : How are you finding WordPress, since you’re new to it?

Anonymous : Well I’m loving it. I kind of want to moved and on the day I moved, it was all spontaneous but I feel like I have more control than I did with blogger.

Me : I’m glad you like it, what is your goal for this year? Blogging wise and non blogging wise?

Anonymous : For blogging wise, I would just say that I want to publish weekly and hopefully do a lot more interviews. For non blogging, I just want to get more organised with my life!

Me : That’s really great goals, I could recommend some bloggers for you. Have you met any bloggers on WordPress that you have really become great friends with?

Anonymous : I haven’t really made many blogger friends but it someone wanted to be my friend, I would totally. Like you could do blogger collabs and just talk about random things and tag them in random thing on Twitter. However, I made friends with you which is one of the highlights of my blogging experience!❤️

Me : Aww, I’m really glad we’re friends, if you would like to I could introduce you to some of my friends. Since you’re anonymous, do you feel like its a challenge, in any aspect?

Anonymous: Thanks for you support❤️ I feel like it is a challenge because nobody knows your true identity and you can’t make your blog personal but I like it because of that reason as no one knows fully who you are. It’s like my personal getaway. It’s personal life from my blogging life and I know if I’m every sad or bored, I can turn to twitter or my blog and anyone can brighten my day up. Being in the blogging community has become a big deal for me.

Me : I agree, being anonymous is amazing but it does has its ups and downs. It also great to see the person behind the blog. And this is the final question, what is the weirdest comment you have ever got? It can be from blogger or WordPress.

Anonymous : I not really had any weird comment on my blogs. There always been (I don’t know how to describe it) serious in a way and always agreeing with what I have said

Me : I understand that. Anyway, thank you for being part of this interview.

Anonymous: Anytime❤️

That’s the whole interview, and here’s her links;
Blog : http://www.anonymousblogger999.WordPress.com
Twitter: @a_blogger2017

Thank you to anonymous blogger for letting me interview her.

See you all soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Ramble (Read Till End)

I’ve literally restarted this post 4-5 times… 2 years down the line and I still can’t get my words out.

Hey guys, how are you? I am actually asking, I’d love to know.

Today, I actually made a friend today. He accidently messaged me and we started talking. It was really great talking to him because he wasn’t being a creep and actually had a genuine conversation.
Friends can be make accidentally.

In other news… I’m still blonde. Its horrible, I hate it. Not because it’s blonde, because it just doesn’t suit me one bit. I can’t wait to get rid of this. I’ll keep you updated on Twitter (follow me on Twitter, @lifeas_a) 😁

I met up with my best friend and my old school friend on Sunday. Viola did get peed on by a dog which I literally cried laughing about, for the rest of the time she had to carry it around. Me and my old school friend, lets call him Jam. We just laughed so much, as Viola basically cried.
I also rolled down a hill multiple times whilst really weirdly making weird poses on a spinning thing, that I fell of so many times.
We got temporary tattoos, which was pretty much a huge fail, we got really sour sweets which wasn’t sour at all. But Viola of course reacted to the sour sweet by spitting it in her hand..
We all went into a tunnel, and just sat there, talking about whatever. I also sat on Viola multiple times, she also sat on me so its fair.
Overall, it was a great day even though, I got grass stains from being an idiot.

Other then that, nothing has really happened, well there has but its upsetting so I’d like to not sadden you all.

I’ve rambled on enough, I’ll stop boring you guys.

Also, just want to shout out a really great friend and fellow blogger of mine.
Blogger, she’s just moved from Blogger to WordPress and it would be amazing if you could follow her and make her feel welcome.
Twitter : @a_blogger2017

That’s all for now, see you soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx



Hi guys,

So I am back again with another interview.  Today it is with an anonymous blogger(like myself) and all of her links are at the bottom…

As you know, Question 7 is tailored to their blog and so it is very unique to themselves.

Interview 3: LIFEASA

Interviewed: Friday 2nd June 2017

DISCLAIMER: I have not said hi below because I have to inform the person before starting the interview and I have said hi then.

Firstly, How are you today?

I’m pretty good, been productive… Ish.

Sorry for the late reply I got distracted by BGMT. What made you decide to do this interview?

I thought it would be fun and like a little get to know me.

I hope it is a fun experience for you. Tell us about your blog.

Oh god where do I start. Well my blog is lifestyle and I just post about feelings, life…

View original post 617 more words

Blogger Interview – James

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog, today is a interview with the amazing James. He is a very good blogger, and an great friend. I’ll link his social medias and his blog at the end of the post like always.

And without further or do, lets start the interview.

Me : What have you gained from blogging?

James : Nothing of monetary value but what I have gained is valuable writing experience. Also, I have gained a lot of satisfaction from the messages that people send me saying that they enjoy my blogs. It really makes my day to hear that people actually like reading my blogs and look forward to reading more.

Me : Do you feel like writing is helping you in some sort of way?

James : Yes, definitely. Whenever I feel down or sad, or even happy, I like to write a blog. I find that it clears my mind and helps me think about things better. I love when the lightbulb turns on in my head when trying to think of the right word or sentence. I love blogging about music so it also helps express my opinions about the music that I love.

Me : When did you start blogging?

James : I started blogging about 6 or 7 months ago when I felt like it was the right time. My blogs consisted mostly of me rambling on about my on/off relationship with a girl (which ended last night, again). Eventually she found out and I deleted them all. Little by little I found myself writing more about music in my blogs and I learned to love it. So these days my blogs are normally solely to do with music.

Me : If you could say a few words to your readers, what would it be?

James : I would say thank you so much for reading my blogs. I know I don’t have many readers but I do have a few who enjoy them and it is a privilege. I never thought anyone would enjoy my writing so it’s a pleasant surprise so find that some people do. I have no intentions to stop anytime soon or ever for that matter, so stick with me on this journey 😊

Me : And finally, a bit random but chocolate or vanilla?

James : Chocolate, all the way 😜

Me : And we are all done. Thank you for letting me interview you.

James : My pleasure, looking forward to seeing it in your blog 😊

Thank you to James for being interviewed, here are his links ;

Blog :www.awkwardrelatable.wordpress.com
Twitter : @Awkwardblogger8

Thank you to James, definitely check out his blog and follow him, he’s a great blogger.
And thank you for reading.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Lesson Learned

Today I went around and said thank you to the people I’m grateful to have in my life, this 1. Made me appreciate everyone a little bit more 2. I said thank you to the people I lost contact with and we became friends.
It really made me smile to hopefully of made them smile.

I wanted to do this because of two reasons.
1. I have been very down lately and I wanted to show the people that show me that they care, that even though im not okay doesn’t mean I forgot about what they did for me.
2. Anniversary of my auntie’s death is tomorrow and I’m most likely to cry, so I wanted to spread positivity to show everyone that even though bad things happen, im grateful for them.

I don’t want to live with regret, I know that I’m mostly depressed all the time but I’m trying to see the brighter side in my life. Friends, family, relationships.. Just love.
I want to make everyone feel loved. Because that’s the best feeling ever.

I want to forget the bad times and start the good ones, we don’t know when the time is up.
I don’t want to hold grudges and be angry at anyone.

Life is way too short to waste it. So, love everyone and forget the hate because that shit wastes your time.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


I’ve documented the times I’ve been depressed, not all but most of them. I didn’t document the other times I’ve cut myself, I didn’t document other times I’ve been depressed.
Right now, I am. I’m depressed, I have been for the last 1 or 2 hours.
I started to think about that something that was my life for months and then it vanished. Turned into a stranger, and that made me sad. It made me feel incomplete in many way. I spent the first 2 weeks being like “Whatever, I don’t care. I wont cry” and then it hit me today. It hit me how much of my life was centered around one person and then in a blink of an eye.. Its gone. That person I pretty much loved with everything I had.. Left.
Left without a reason, and the best thing I thought was to do was to just block them out my life completely, and now that person is a stranger to me.

I’ve reached the point of not even trying anymore, there’s no point in being here when life is a huge disappointment.
Grow up and get married, have a career and a family is what my mum always said. But something’s in life stops us from having that scenario.

Its sad to say that I don’t care for life anymore, I don’t care about growing up to live that scenario. I will never be the person I want to be because everything stops me. I used to depend on someone for my happiness. That happiness is gone and so is that person.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx