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Lately, I’ve come to realise that I’m not good enough, for anything at all. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking “Stop asking for attention A”.
I’m sure a lot of you, if not all of you think that. Maybe my posts are just boring you because its the same thing over and over again, maybe you’re only here when I’m happy because me being like is making you unhappy.

With that being said, me being depressed the majority of the time is causing my friendships with people to weaken and some to even crumble apart. I don’t know what to do about that, sometimes I think that disconnecting myself with everyone will make all my problems go away. I’ll slowly fade out of everyone’s life and then eventually be forgotten and I’ll be on my own.
Being on my own will make me less stressed on whether everyone likes me or not. I won’t have to constantly be happy to keep a friendship strong, and that then reducing the chances of them leaving.

Its not healthy to think this, nor do I really have anyone to talk to this about so that’s why I post it on my blog.

I just don’t feel okay.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


Secret Santa For Dummies (Collab With Girlwithablog) – Blogmas Day 18

Hey everyone, I did a collab with the ever so wonderful girlwiththeblog. Check out her blog, I definately recommend it. Anyway, enjoy the post.

Hi im the girlwiththeblog, a new contributor to this wonderful blog, if you like this then it would mean the world if you gave it a like and maybe head over to my blog for a cheeky follow? anywho back to my 3 ideas for secret santa

1. A christmas eve kit

This is a solid idea. Get a fluffy/comfy blanket (matalan have some really nice ones for £5 at the moment) then get a christmas movie or music album and a mug (again matalan do some cute ones) some hot chocolate packets and their favourite snacks (oreos are a popular choice) to create the perfect pack for  a cosy christmas eve.

2.Pamper hamper

This one can be customized a little depending on what they like. So generally a nice bubble bath or bath bomb , luxury chocolate (lindor or something)/ biscuits, posh drink (possibly tea or even wine)  and a candle of their prefered kind ( soft scents like meadow or fresh linen are always good)

3. Pjs or comfy clothes

Tip 1 ALWAYS get it in the size medium, if its too big then thats fine because they dont need to be tight fit, and too small then you’ve offered a compliment . Good choices are things like joggers and hoodies, because tbh I dont know about you but I never buy pjs or things like that myself because I never remember. Another good idea is a dressing gown because they are amazingly comfy and everyone’s friend.

Thank you for reading I love you loads just for that, please like if you like, comment if you have other ideas because it’s always a difficult decision and yeh