New Situations

Hello everyone, it’s A and welcome back to my blog. So.. this is new. I’m actually writing this on my tablet which I’ve never done before, so it’s weird to be writing like this.. I might do this more often.

For my goals this month, I said ill be blogging more so that’s what I’m going to do. Today, I actually want to talk something that I’m always nervous about.. New situations.

I get so nervous with meeting new people, or when people ask to meet over the internet.. I get a sudden rush of anxiety and there actually have been situations I’ve actually wanted to meet the person but because of how socially anxious I get, it doesn’t happen.

But, in September I’m going to go out of my comfort zone, and meet one of my closest friends I’ve never met before. Since we go to the same college, it’s so much easier if we meet in college. Yes, ill be very very nervous but by the time its over I’d be so proud of myself that I stept out my comfort zone and did something I’m scared to do.

I know, it’s scary to go out of your comfort zone but sometimes you just got to jump off the cliff and get that restart on an adventurous life.. because going out of your comfort zone makes life that little bit more fun.

So, my message to you is to, this month do something you’ve been scared to do, whether that’s ask someone out or something big like jumping out of a plane.

After all, you have one life and wouldn’t you want to spend it adventurously?

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


This I Wrote A While Ago..

He doesn’t believe in himself,
She believes.
He thinks so low.
She thinks so highly of him.
He doesn’t want to live.
She only lives for him.

You see, he may feel like this but,
She didn’t leave.
He may not love himself but she loves him. Its more than love. She adores him. She’s in love.

But he can’t see that, he’s swarmed by such negativity. It takes over his live.
She’s there for him, but there isn’t enough.
“I love you’ doesn’t make him smile anymore.
She sees what it’s doing to him, breaking down.
He distances himself from everything, everyone.
Its hurting. But she hasn’t given up. She can’t. She won’t.

Hey, it’s a Rant!

This post is going to go one of two ways..

1. I’ll rant on about how shit my life is..

2. I’ll do a mild version of feeling a severe emptiness deep down and not caring about how much I don’t give a fuck about anything.

Because that’s all I do, started as a way of helping people now this blog triggers everyone because of how depressing it is.

No fucking surprise though, so what’s going on A? Are you having a mental breakdown again? You seem angry..

Okay, I am angry.. At myself.
I went into a spiral of disappointment and frustration.
Disappointed at my blog and how it has turned out, frustrated at how I’m literally so sensitive that one thing that is so insignificant could sent my mental health flying.

I hate myself for how I could see a fucking piece of shit on the floor and feel sad about how alone it is.. Like why the fuck are you so sensitive? Stop being like that, you’re literally the piece of shit.

Oh that person wrote a few words and now you’re sad that your friendship is going downhill, like girl get a fucking grip.

I can’t even go a day without feeling like that, I always need constant reassurance that they still like me and don’t hate me.. But then again I think they’re lying.. Honestly good luck to all of my friends.. You are amazing for wanting to put up with all of this.

I can’t even stand myself for most of the time, that’s why I sit down most of the time…….. I know.. I facepalmed too.
I make great jokes.. Not really, they’re pretty atrocious.

Anyway, you’ve had your dose of insanity for today so I’ll go now.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Looking Back

I’m a blogger who doesn’t fit into a category, I’ve been here for 2 years, yet I haven’t really settled down into a particular category.. And I’m okay with that.
I do a variety of things;
Deep chats
Mental health
I’m not restricted to one thing, and that’s what I love about my blog. It may be negative sometimes but it still shares my most happiest moments. You’ve seen so much; breakups, the start of college, end of school.. And the list goes on.

I’ve been through milestones, I actually remember walking to school ringing one of my friends and being so happy I hit 100 followers. I remember the 1 year post.. The two year post I did in March.

I still remember my first follower, she taught me how to blog basically and I was grateful for that. I remember being so new to this, its been such a long journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I used to check my stats regularly, now I honestly have no clue about how many followers I have. Who checks how many followers they have?

Even though its been two years, I have not once met someone who goes to my college or school that blogs like me. That’s still my goal..

Anyways, thank you for reading. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Dear Your Broken Heart

You don’t know who can walk into your life and change it so significantly that it’s unfathomable, that person that walked out of your life did the right thing.

That person can walk out that door without the slightest bit of sadness and that’s honestly great. Sadness is defined an emotional pain, and if leaving caused them none of that then, you shouldn’t feel hurt.

They left without hesitation, and you felt deeply saddened by that. Maybe that person was so special and close to you, maybe that person changed you in ways you felt like you couldn’t do on your own but as I said at the start, people can walk in your life and change it so significantly.

There will always be someone else that unexpectedly walks in your life, that person could become something you cherish more then life itself.
A friendship so remarkable could blossom, or even a relationship that could spark a time you never want to forget.
It’s takes time to heal from a wound, and even more for a broken heart.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

No Title

Lately, I’ve come to realise that I’m not good enough, for anything at all. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking “Stop asking for attention A”.
I’m sure a lot of you, if not all of you think that. Maybe my posts are just boring you because its the same thing over and over again, maybe you’re only here when I’m happy because me being like is making you unhappy.

With that being said, me being depressed the majority of the time is causing my friendships with people to weaken and some to even crumble apart. I don’t know what to do about that, sometimes I think that disconnecting myself with everyone will make all my problems go away. I’ll slowly fade out of everyone’s life and then eventually be forgotten and I’ll be on my own.
Being on my own will make me less stressed on whether everyone likes me or not. I won’t have to constantly be happy to keep a friendship strong, and that then reducing the chances of them leaving.

Its not healthy to think this, nor do I really have anyone to talk to this about so that’s why I post it on my blog.

I just don’t feel okay.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Roast Myself Challenge

Hey guys! Today I want to roast myself.. Why? No idea. I thought it might be fun and my self esteem is already embedded into the floor so why not do it.
I’m proberly going to get real bitchy with myself so be prepared..

First things first, you’ve got low self esteem and
When walking past people it makes you want to scream.
You think you can do a diss track when you can’t even rap
do yourself a favour and give yourself a good slap.
No one even loves you that’s why you cry all the time
Go and get plastic surgery and maybe then you will look like less of a swine.

Yes bitch, I just went there
stop whining because nobody cares.
Your jokes are weak, and so are you
Its not surprising you can’t get a dude.

Always being friend zoned.. Aww poor you.
Don’t blame other people when the problem is you.
Never original. Lazy as fuck. Ugly also but that’s your bad luck.

That’s right bitch, hitting you deep. When you have all these insecurities all scrambled up
but the truth is no one gives a fuck.

Short ass girl. Only 5ft 1″, maybe that’s why you wont get done.
This diss track is coming to an end
because your not worth my time and
maybe next time learn how to rhyme.

Okay. That was fun. Im not sure if im supposed to tag people. If you want to do it then go ahead but I wont pressure people into tapping into their deepest insecurities.
I hope you enjoyed and ill see you soon.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Blogger Interviews – Sav!

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! It’s that day of the week again…Blogger Friday! And this weeks guest is…. Sav!

This was very a very interesting interview to do, and hopefully to see the same. As always ill link his blog and socials at the end of the post.

Without further or do, lets begin this interview.

Me : There are 5 questions you can answer them as long or as short as you like. The first question is..How did you come up with your blog name?

Sav : Well I actually have undergone three name changes as they have been reflections of the person I was at the time of naming it. For example, I started with the lion’s den due to the fact it was my space on the internet and my real name means lion. I then changed to the savage savannah due to my penchant for insulting things in a savage manner. However a couple days ago i changed it to narcissism and innuendos due to my rather sexual sense of humour as well as my self confidence being mistaken for Narcissism so therefore Narcissism and innuendos made sense as it not only shows what I’ve evolved into but also my sense of humour which is a big part of how I deal with everyday life.

Me : Have you made any close blogger friends in the community?

Sav : Oh hell yes, the blogging community are like my only actual friends. Obviously, due to my standing in the community I feel my closest friends within the community are well known and documented but I won’t be naming them due to potentially forgetting someone out of a slip of memory which could make them get the wrong idea as to how I feel towards them. But genuinely I’ve made so many great friends as well as some drama with a couple bloggers mixed in but for obvious reasons I won’t name them. However that’s all good because I thrive off drama and in my opinion it’s what makes the world go round.

Me : How would you describe your style of writing?

Sav : I call it Sav style… I’m not gonna try be comparing myself to others because I’m unique and at the end of everything we both get shit posted and I’m obviously gonna believe that my stuff is better because I wrote it and there’s no point in writing shit I don’t like. If I had to describe it in terms of adjectives I’d go for speech to text due to the fact I write identically to how I speak be that in posts, text messages. Everything.

Me : Has blogging changed you as a person?

Sav : I would definitely say yes but I’m not sure whether blogging has directly contributed to it. For example it’s made me a lot more educated in terms of the blind community in the case of talking to L and Elm who are blind and they’ve helped me to understand that blind people are humans like the rest of us. I feel as if I’ve changed as a person in terms of the people I’ve met all over the world bringing their energies to the table. But I’d say I’ve changed as a result of natural growth and not because of the way I write. The only thing that’s changed about me is my writing style over time but my personality is the same.

Me : And finally, how long have you been blogging for?

Sav : My year blogaversary (wow I fucking hate that word and whoever made it up) is on the 9th of January 2017 so almost a year.

Me : And the interview done! Thank you for letting me interview you.

Sav : Nah thank YOU for letting me answer your questions.

I hope you enjoyed this interview, as I said in the beginning his blog and socials are linked down below.

Blog :
Twitter : @lonelyli0n
Skype : Sav.the.lion

Ill see you all soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Blogger Interviews – Ft. Abbymarie

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! And as always on Fridays its Interview time!! Where I interview your favourite bloggers!
This weeks guest is…. Abby from Realism and Cookies.
It was a pleasure interviewing Abby and I as always her links are all at the end of this post.. Aka all the socials and her blog.

Without further or do, lets begin this interview…

Me : Have you ever thought about quitting your blog?

Abby : Honestly, no not at all. i love blogging and everything it’s brought into my life, people, experiences, etc. i really don’t think I’d quit anytime soon, so the only thought I’ve really put into it is if it no longer brings me joy is when I’d say I’d have to stop.

Me : How has your blog impacted your life?

Abby : Mainly friend wise I’d have to say. there are so many people i talk to on a regular basis today who i never would have spoken to in my life had i not chosen to blog (#sabby). it actually makes me really sad to think about all the relationships i would have missed out on if i hadn’t gotten into the community.

Me : Have you ever put up a post and then realised its horrible then took it down?

Abby : not immediately after I’d posted it but i do have a few old posts from my very first months of blogging that i took down after i really started gaining followers. there are some things you just don’t want people to read if you know what I’m saying? sometimes i write things and then a few months later realize that i don’t still agree with it completely and don’t want people to think i do.

Me : You have definitely made many friends through WordPress, who are you most closest too?

Abby : haha i feel like everyone probably knows this, but sav of the savage savannah (although don’t quote me on his blog name because he’s undergoing a few changes at the moment). I’m honestly probably closer with him than i am with a lot of my real life friends.

Me : And finally, if you could start your blog brand new what category would you do?

Abby : that’s really what i’m trying to do at the moment (minus the whole starting over brand new thing). it’d probably be a mix of a lot of things, but category wise i think you’d be able to call it a lifestyle blog? music, books, style, stuff that i enjoy writing and talking about. i think starting over brand new I’d just end up back in the same spot writing about those sort of things anyways haha.

Me : The interviews over! Thank you for letting me Interview you

Abby : Of course! thanks for asking me smile

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Abby, as I said in the beginning all her links are down below.

Twitter : @abbyelse
It was lovely to interview Abby, definitely follow her blog she writes some amazing content.

Ill see you all soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Interviewing Bloggers – Allie M!

Hello everybody, welcome back to the new series where interview bloggers! This weeks guest is… Allie (also know as
thewonderouslifeofalliem) I had alot of fun interviewing her, and if you would like to follow her ill link her blog and her social media details at the end of this post.

Without further or do, lets begin this interview..

Me : Okay, there 5 questions and here’s the first one.
How long does it take you to write your posts?

Allie : It does depend. Sometimes I’ll save one and go back to it later, but usually anywhere from half an hour to an hour, after editing and making a featured image if I decide to.

Me : What blogger that you have met through your journey has put the biggest impact on your life?

Allie: Oh..hmmm, that’s a great question! There are actually several, for example my best friend Jo who is always there for me and is so accepting of me. There’s Selfie (shoutout to my wifey) and Trish, a fab unicorn, and so many others I’m grateful to because you’ve helped me feel better so many times, if its by reading your posts or talking directly.

Me : What sort of blogger would you consider yourself as?

Allie : Well, not a beauty blogger definitely. And I don’t post Lots of stories or poems. I guess it’s a little bit of everything. Sort of rogue but I love developing connections with my readers. Mostly I just want to write what makes me happy and what makes others happy, or think about a topic.

Me : In my opinion you are quite a talented blogger, do you think up posts on the spot or does it take time?

Allie : Aw thank you! I get the ideas for my posts randomly and plan it out during the day then write them, usually in one sitting.

Me : And finally, what would you be doing if you never started your blog?

Allie : I’m not sure. Perhaps focusing more on the books I’ve started and writing other stories and posting them to wattpad or something. Or have a fandom account on instagram, or invest time in another online hobby. Im glad I joined blogging though, I think it fits me most.

Me : And were done thank you for letting me interview you.

Allie : Awesome, thanks for letting me be in your series!

I hope you enjoyed this post, Allie’s links are down below.

Blog :
Twitter : @loco4chocopuffs
Instagram : wonderousal

Definitely follow her blog, she is an amazing writer and very inspiring.

Thank you for reading and ill see you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx