Start Of The Month Ramble

Hey, it’s A and welcome back to my blog.
You’ll be happy to know that this post won’t be depressing and you won’t leave contemplating life.. Isn’t that a good thing?

Anyways, its August.. Which means a few things;
1. A long ass month
2. A lot of birthdays
3. The only month I have left before college 😓😭

I will make this month memorable, so I set up a list of what I want to achieve/what I want.
1. I want to get a Morphe palette. They are so raved about and I just want to try it.

2. Get out a little more because I don’t do that quite enough.

3. Decorate my room the way im happy with.

4. Write more posts, because I’ve been lacking recently. And also do a few collabs.

5. And finally, I want to do something way out of my comfort zone. I haven’t decided what yet, but I want to do it in this month.

That’s what I want to do this month, and I’ll update you all in September. Also, if you do want to collab then message me on one of my social medias, ill leave them down below.

Twitter : @lifeas_a
Instagram : @lifeas_ablog

Twitter I am way more active on then my other socials but if you don’t have twitter, I will still see your message.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I’ll see you again soon.

Anonymous blogger,signing out xxx
(P.S – I literally just typed my outro without looking at the keyboard, I have definitely written it a lot)

Healthy Start

So, I’ve been working out.. I know, that’s so unlike me and so out of the ordinary but I was having some health scares that scared me enough I started working out.

I won’t get into the health scares but it was happening for about a week and it really made me want to get my body healthy and strong.
Everyday, I’ve been going for a run and then afterwards I’d workout my arms and legs. As for my eating, haven’t at all started eating healthy because I don’t really know what to eat or where to start.

But working out is going well, I’m not really looking to lose weight because I genuinely don’t think I need it and my weight has been the same for my whole life which I don’t mind.
I do encourage you all to start working out a little a few times a week, it really does improve your health.

Anyways, I’ll see you guys soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Posts I Didn’t Finish

If I didn’t have a boring life these posts would be fun and entertaining but no. I’m right now, sat in bed with cramps. Isn’t that just sooo interesting.

Anyway, hello. I was looking through the notes on my phone, a lot of my notes are posts I started to write but gave up on.
So, without further or do, here’s the posts.

1. Heyyy guys! Welcome back to this thing I call a blog. Im sorry if im too sassy and I dont make sense.. Im hyper. I’ve had an Easter egg today.. And that’s a lot of chocolate that my brain can’t handle.

Okay, that not the reason im making a post I wanted to about friendships and relationships because these two things I actually think about more than I should.

Ill talk about them separately then together.


The majority of people have been in relationships, and I have serious respect for people who haven’t yet. I’ve been in a fair few and all except one.

Everything goes fucking wrong. My veins say “XII” which is 13. That just proves I’m bad luck.
So, you’re proberly wondering “What the fuck is the point of this post?”
Well, I thought why not make this the most honest post ever.

I used to like my body, I didn’t think anything was wrong until I noticed my arms. I hate my arms. Then I noticed my legs. I hate them. I hate my fucking body. I don’t like having my arms exposed because I feel ugly and stupid.

I don’t eat enough, and when I do it takes me hours to eat. Eating isn’t something I like really.

Hello. Doesn’t life just scare you sometimes? It scares me.. a lot. Im not sure if this post will be a trigger or not.. I will be talking about death, depression and all the things I think about on a daily basis.

I’m quite a mentally unstable person, I’m not happy all the time.. things trigger and then I got into a state of im so depressed and everyone hates and I should just go and cut and die and everyone would be happy then.. I basically just summed up what I think about when im depressed.

However, there are times when im really happy, when you catch me on my good days.. well done because they are getting rare. This depressing stage has like taken over my life ( out to the person who will know why im laughing at that) anywayyy, negative thoughts rule my life and I wish I could just tell it to get the fuck out my life for good. Its like that ex boyfriend who keeps on coming back or ex girlfriend.. us girls do that too… They treat you like utter crap yet you let them back in because they said they’ve changed… Yeah right, you’re just going to fuck up my life even more… I’m not even talking about anyone in particular 😂 .. You all know what I mean..right?

I do want to talk about relationships more at some point because im totally experienced.. Im really not.. I barely know how to tie my shoes let alone know anything about relationships.. I mean, I’ve had relationships but.. I need to shut up and stop changing subject.

Basically what im trying to say is… My mental health screws up my life.. and my arm.. Yes the self harm. I’m seeing two councillors.. None of them help, its just strategy after strategy.
My other councillor is a bit better than the other one. However he gets way more in depth and im not so comfortable with that, it also doesn’t help that one of them basically said “You’re a pretty girl and having scars on your body won’t..



I’ll stop there, these post I never finished for one reason or another. I’ll speak to you all another time.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

This I Wrote A While Ago..

He doesn’t believe in himself,
She believes.
He thinks so low.
She thinks so highly of him.
He doesn’t want to live.
She only lives for him.

You see, he may feel like this but,
She didn’t leave.
He may not love himself but she loves him. Its more than love. She adores him. She’s in love.

But he can’t see that, he’s swarmed by such negativity. It takes over his live.
She’s there for him, but there isn’t enough.
“I love you’ doesn’t make him smile anymore.
She sees what it’s doing to him, breaking down.
He distances himself from everything, everyone.
Its hurting. But she hasn’t given up. She can’t. She won’t.

Looking Back

I’m a blogger who doesn’t fit into a category, I’ve been here for 2 years, yet I haven’t really settled down into a particular category.. And I’m okay with that.
I do a variety of things;
Deep chats
Mental health
I’m not restricted to one thing, and that’s what I love about my blog. It may be negative sometimes but it still shares my most happiest moments. You’ve seen so much; breakups, the start of college, end of school.. And the list goes on.

I’ve been through milestones, I actually remember walking to school ringing one of my friends and being so happy I hit 100 followers. I remember the 1 year post.. The two year post I did in March.

I still remember my first follower, she taught me how to blog basically and I was grateful for that. I remember being so new to this, its been such a long journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I used to check my stats regularly, now I honestly have no clue about how many followers I have. Who checks how many followers they have?

Even though its been two years, I have not once met someone who goes to my college or school that blogs like me. That’s still my goal..

Anyways, thank you for reading. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Dear Your Broken Heart

You don’t know who can walk into your life and change it so significantly that it’s unfathomable, that person that walked out of your life did the right thing.

That person can walk out that door without the slightest bit of sadness and that’s honestly great. Sadness is defined an emotional pain, and if leaving caused them none of that then, you shouldn’t feel hurt.

They left without hesitation, and you felt deeply saddened by that. Maybe that person was so special and close to you, maybe that person changed you in ways you felt like you couldn’t do on your own but as I said at the start, people can walk in your life and change it so significantly.

There will always be someone else that unexpectedly walks in your life, that person could become something you cherish more then life itself.
A friendship so remarkable could blossom, or even a relationship that could spark a time you never want to forget.
It’s takes time to heal from a wound, and even more for a broken heart.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

No Title

Lately, I’ve come to realise that I’m not good enough, for anything at all. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking “Stop asking for attention A”.
I’m sure a lot of you, if not all of you think that. Maybe my posts are just boring you because its the same thing over and over again, maybe you’re only here when I’m happy because me being like is making you unhappy.

With that being said, me being depressed the majority of the time is causing my friendships with people to weaken and some to even crumble apart. I don’t know what to do about that, sometimes I think that disconnecting myself with everyone will make all my problems go away. I’ll slowly fade out of everyone’s life and then eventually be forgotten and I’ll be on my own.
Being on my own will make me less stressed on whether everyone likes me or not. I won’t have to constantly be happy to keep a friendship strong, and that then reducing the chances of them leaving.

Its not healthy to think this, nor do I really have anyone to talk to this about so that’s why I post it on my blog.

I just don’t feel okay.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Blogger Interview – James

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog, today is a interview with the amazing James. He is a very good blogger, and an great friend. I’ll link his social medias and his blog at the end of the post like always.

And without further or do, lets start the interview.

Me : What have you gained from blogging?

James : Nothing of monetary value but what I have gained is valuable writing experience. Also, I have gained a lot of satisfaction from the messages that people send me saying that they enjoy my blogs. It really makes my day to hear that people actually like reading my blogs and look forward to reading more.

Me : Do you feel like writing is helping you in some sort of way?

James : Yes, definitely. Whenever I feel down or sad, or even happy, I like to write a blog. I find that it clears my mind and helps me think about things better. I love when the lightbulb turns on in my head when trying to think of the right word or sentence. I love blogging about music so it also helps express my opinions about the music that I love.

Me : When did you start blogging?

James : I started blogging about 6 or 7 months ago when I felt like it was the right time. My blogs consisted mostly of me rambling on about my on/off relationship with a girl (which ended last night, again). Eventually she found out and I deleted them all. Little by little I found myself writing more about music in my blogs and I learned to love it. So these days my blogs are normally solely to do with music.

Me : If you could say a few words to your readers, what would it be?

James : I would say thank you so much for reading my blogs. I know I don’t have many readers but I do have a few who enjoy them and it is a privilege. I never thought anyone would enjoy my writing so it’s a pleasant surprise so find that some people do. I have no intentions to stop anytime soon or ever for that matter, so stick with me on this journey 😊

Me : And finally, a bit random but chocolate or vanilla?

James : Chocolate, all the way 😜

Me : And we are all done. Thank you for letting me interview you.

James : My pleasure, looking forward to seeing it in your blog 😊

Thank you to James for being interviewed, here are his links ;

Twitter : @Awkwardblogger8

Thank you to James, definitely check out his blog and follow him, he’s a great blogger.
And thank you for reading.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Update Time

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. Update time!

So, what’s new? Well, lets start with the fact that my course is nearly ending. I know I won’t see them ever again which is good and bad but I’ve made a few friends in the course and that’s sad to move on from. But, I am going to another course which I have an interview tomorrow, if you follow me on Twitter you will know that (shameless promo, go follow me @lifeas_a)
Anyway, I’m really nervous and worried about the interview, I told my teacher I was nervous and worried and he thought it was because I wasn’t going to get in… No. I’m nervous because its new people. And people scare me.
I’m sure once its over I’ll think that the build up was way worse then the actual interview. I also haven’t told my mother about it, which I really should. I’ll update you guys on Twitter once it’s done.

In other news, I want to talk about Youtube because I’ve kind of changed who im watching. Just a note, I have watched this people before but not constantly.
So, the first once I’ve been watching more then usual is Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomenii).
Everyone must know her because she is literally amazing. My favourite video is actually her ‘If Youtube were Bollywood’. I’ve actually watched that on repeat.

The other Youtuber I’ve been watching quite a lot is Fouseytube (Yousef). Oh my god. He is actually so fucking amazing. He is.. First of really attractive, and makes entertaining videos.

And then there as the other Youtubers I’ve been watching like;
Liza Koshy
The Gabbie Show
David Dobrik

Another update is that I got my hair cut again, is now a long bob… HAHA BOB. I will have to at some point explain why im laughing at that. I’ll explain at the end of the post, prepared to weirded out.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Ill see you guys soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

(Okay, so why am I laughing at that? Well, its really weird but sometimes (actually quite often) I draw a moustache on and really thick eyebrows and walk around saying “Hi, im Bob and I’m a engineer”.
I’m really weird, okay)

I’m the best

Yo bitches. Today lets talk about me because I love me and I only matter in this world.
Everyone loves me and I know they do because who wouldn’t im absolutely perfect.
There’s only one thing I love more than myself and that is the mirror. I just love looking at myself in the mirror because im such a beautiful person its hard not to stare at me.

I don’t need makeup at all, I’ve got so much natural beauty that everyone’s jealous.
They should be because im the best thing on this earth.

Anyway, I should go.

I know you all love me.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx