Late Night Talks

It’s pretty late..well it’s nearly 11pm, and I am bored out of my mind so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to write a post. I don’t have a main topic to focus on but a few that I’d like to just talk briefly (probably not).

Right now, I’m the only one that’s up. Both my sisters are asleep, my 15 year old sister hasn’t exactly been sleeping that well so I’m not surprised she’s asleep early.. and my 7 year old sister normally sleeps around this time.

So, life is slightly weird right now. I have so much on my plate right now, except I’m kind of procrastinating it off my plate. But then I remember it will have to be sorted at some point and I can’t leave it there. I’m mainly talking about college.. the assignments are killing me. Also my workout is killing me, my friendships are dying. So everything is dead to me right now.

I’m just very conflicted on things, I don’t feel like everything is happy and full of rainbows and unicorns. I feel like everything is grey, dull and couldn’t be more of a shit pit. I again, hate complaining but I started my blog complaining so ill continue to do it.

One thing I do want to talk about is actually friends. It’s weird right now. I never get to see my best friend anymore because she’s working her ass off everyday and when she does get home, she’s so exhausted. She still messages me everyday and what so I do, show literally no interest in the conversation which can’t make her feel exactly great. I don’t know, I want to see her more but with her working everyday, it’s hard. With college though, I did find a small group of friends but I have VERY little faith that will last because it’s happened before. I’d be friends with someone for a day, it’s going great we’re all laughing and then the next day, I’m back to the beginning. Friends are just weird right now, I don’t talk to much of anyone anymore which I’m not complaining about.. wait yes I am.

I got this though, on a good note. I’m confident. My workout routine has very much increased my self esteem and confidence which is really great. I have been working out intensely for about 2 weeks which is a achievement for me, I kind of hate it though. The sit ups are killing my back, and the plank is slowly tearing away my limbs. 

I don’t regret working out and I will for sure keep it up, it’s just killing me. Imagine having a long day at work, college or school and then doing a workout straight after.. literally sounds like something you’d never want to do right? Once you start and you’ve gotten so far, you have to proceed. I ain’t a quitter.. I might want to but I won’t.

Anyways, I’m going to go. I’m starting to lose the will to live.. I’m actually just starting to get tired. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx


Personal, Boring and Whatever Shit I Have To Say

I might as well just talk about everything in this post, no matter how personal or boring it is. It’s properly about time.

First let’s get what I believe is the boring stuff out the way. I’ve been working out everyday for a while now and it’s been good. Some days are worse then others because it’s like; 90 squats, 30 push ups, 45 second plank.. which I absolutely hate because it’s painful however I’ve done it for over 2 minutes before so it’s not impossible for me to do it for 45 seconds. I have rest days which is literally heaven to me. I don’t see a difference yet physically but mentally I do. I’m sort of at peace with my body issues. I’m not sure if I’ve ever addressed it but if you didn’t know now you know, I just hated how some parts of my body look.. my arms and legs are basically it. I’m working in it with my workouts.

Whilst that’s out the way, might as well get personal. I posted about bottling things which until late hasn’t been an issue. I get mad at myself when I tell people what’s sort of going on, I don’t ever want sympathy. I hate sympathy, don’t give me sympathy. I’ve tried to be one of those really brick walled people, basically show no emotion and be really strong. When I tell people about stuff like mental stuff, I feel weak and then I get mad at myself for opening up. I don’t know, it’s weird yet makes complete sense to me. I’ve opened up wayyy to much this year already and I’m stopping myself from doing that.          

Another thing is, which I’m never said at all before, is that I kind of like someone… before all you and make your predictions.. don’t. Don’t say who you think it is, or ask me if it’s right. Wow, I’m defensive todayπŸ˜‚  but seriously, just don’t bother. It will really piss me off. So that’s been on my mind for a while. Let’s just go to a different subject. I’m already getting mad at myself for saying that.. do you see what I mean? Any bit of opening up, I get mad at myself. It’s pathetic. I have issues.. but you have them too. Are those the lyrics? I have no idea πŸ˜‚

Well, I’ve opened up enough. So.. I’m just going to head to the door. Thank you for being here, and reading this crap. Please also don’t leave sympathy. I really don’t need it.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

My Love For Makeup

Hey everyone, it’s A and welcome back to my blog. Today’s post you might find somewhat boring but I just want to talk about my passion for make-up.

I love make-up, experimenting with different looks and seeing what suits me the most. But I also love the SF (special effects) side of things. It’s my most favourite thing to do, just making something look so realistic and so gross.. that it genuinely scares people. Just to clarify, I don’t like to scare people, I like to make things look really realistic.

I rarely post about make-up on here, mainly because I started this blog with lifestyle and don’t really want to change but also because make-up videos are soooo hard to film, the amount of frustration I get trying to make sure it’s in focus and that I’m actually in shot is exhausting. I have been thinking about doing a make-up video again because I’ve been watching make-up videos more then usual with the added mixture of my Ghost Adventures which I am loving.

I will for sure try and tell you how it goes on Twitter (lifeas_a). I have another post going up next week most likely that I have no idea if it’s original but you’ll have to see.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to scrolling through your social medias and or scrolling through blogs.

See you soon.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Dear Your Broken Heart

You don’t know who can walk into your life and change it so significantly that it’s unfathomable, that person that walked out of your life did the right thing.

That person can walk out that door without the slightest bit of sadness and that’s honestly great. Sadness is defined an emotional pain, and if leaving caused them none of that then, you shouldn’t feel hurt.

They left without hesitation, and you felt deeply saddened by that. Maybe that person was so special and close to you, maybe that person changed you in ways you felt like you couldn’t do on your own but as I said at the start, people can walk in your life and change it so significantly.

There will always be someone else that unexpectedly walks in your life, that person could become something you cherish more then life itself.
A friendship so remarkable could blossom, or even a relationship that could spark a time you never want to forget.
It’s takes time to heal from a wound, and even more for a broken heart.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Blogger Interview – Ft. MIT!

Hey everybody, welcome back to my blog! And today is another Blogger Interview and todays guest is… Fibit (aka Mit)
As always ill link his blog and other social medias down below.

Without further or do, lets begin this interview…

Me : Do you feel as if blogging has helped you through tough times?

Mit : In all honesty, I haven’t really had a tough time in the last couple of years. Blogging has definitely shown me people who are going through much rougher times than me, and it helped me to appreciate that the things I consider “rough” are actually extremely petty.

Me : What blog (or blogs) have you become obsessed with (obsessed isn’t the right word, maybe addicted… no that’s worse) What blog/blogs do you really like?

I haven’t really been on the blogosphere that much recently but I really like (in no particular order): L,Sav, Elm,Selfie,15andsomething, fearlesslyloud (but she’s going to be leaving us 😒😭), Aspen, Colby (She doesn’t post that much though), Tanya, Anthony, Riya Sharma ect… I feel really bad knowing I’ve missed out loads of people but I love so many blogs and bloggers! Basically I love everyone I follow.

Me : Are you the same person you are as you are in your posts?

Mit : I like to think so, but you’ll have to ask my friends πŸ™‚

Me : I’ll ask L. (I did ask L and he said he is)
What would you be doing with your time if you didn’t start your blog?

Mit : I never post, so proberly the same as right now. I spend a lot of time talking to friends from the blogosphere so my free time, if I didn’t have a blog, would proberly be a lot more boring than now. I’d be playing video games or binge watching youtube.

Me : Would you ever leave WordPress for another blogging site?

Mit : Never! Don’t even speak of such blasphemy! The people on the site are brilliant and I’ve met some of my best friends on WordPress. The people are friendly and understanding. Overall, the site’s just fantastic.
You cant get rid of me that easily πŸ˜›

Me : Damn you got the hint πŸ˜‚. Anyway thank you for letting me interview you.

Mit: Thank you for having me!

I had a great time interviewing Mit (Fibit) ill link his social medias down below.

Blog :
Twitter : @MitInModeration
Kik : Mitmar

He’s an amazing blogger and an great friend so definitely follow him.

Thank you for reading and ill see you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

Interviewing Bloggers – Allie M!

Hello everybody, welcome back to the new series where interview bloggers! This weeks guest is… Allie (also know as
thewonderouslifeofalliem) I had alot of fun interviewing her, and if you would like to follow her ill link her blog and her social media details at the end of this post.

Without further or do, lets begin this interview..

Me : Okay, there 5 questions and here’s the first one.
How long does it take you to write your posts?

Allie : It does depend. Sometimes I’ll save one and go back to it later, but usually anywhere from half an hour to an hour, after editing and making a featured image if I decide to.

Me : What blogger that you have met through your journey has put the biggest impact on your life?

Allie: Oh..hmmm, that’s a great question! There are actually several, for example my best friend Jo who is always there for me and is so accepting of me. There’s Selfie (shoutout to my wifey) and Trish, a fab unicorn, and so many others I’m grateful to because you’ve helped me feel better so many times, if its by reading your posts or talking directly.

Me : What sort of blogger would you consider yourself as?

Allie : Well, not a beauty blogger definitely. And I don’t post Lots of stories or poems. I guess it’s a little bit of everything. Sort of rogue but I love developing connections with my readers. Mostly I just want to write what makes me happy and what makes others happy, or think about a topic.

Me : In my opinion you are quite a talented blogger, do you think up posts on the spot or does it take time?

Allie : Aw thank you! I get the ideas for my posts randomly and plan it out during the day then write them, usually in one sitting.

Me : And finally, what would you be doing if you never started your blog?

Allie : I’m not sure. Perhaps focusing more on the books I’ve started and writing other stories and posting them to wattpad or something. Or have a fandom account on instagram, or invest time in another online hobby. Im glad I joined blogging though, I think it fits me most.

Me : And were done thank you for letting me interview you.

Allie : Awesome, thanks for letting me be in your series!

I hope you enjoyed this post, Allie’s links are down below.

Blog :
Twitter : @loco4chocopuffs
Instagram : wonderousal

Definitely follow her blog, she is an amazing writer and very inspiring.

Thank you for reading and ill see you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Interview With Em -NEW SERIES

Hello everybody, and welcome to a new series! By the title you can already guess. This series is where I interview bloggers asking them questions about anything and everything blogging.

The first blogger interview is with Em! Also known as LyfwithEm. Definitely follow her blog she is amazing!
Without further ir do here is the interview…
Me : How does it feel to have such an amazing blogging family?

Em:Β  One word. Amazing. Before I began my blog, I would never have imagined that having a network of people, some older, some younger, from all areas of the world, could be so inspiring. Every single day I am inspired by the posts, the photos and the journeys I am taken on just in a few words. More than that, I am compelled to live my life better because of these people. I read about those who are struggling, as well as those who are in the highs of life, and together we get through the rough times, and also enjoy the good times. I am blessed to have made so many strong friendships, and I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have these amazing people in my life. The support I have received during my time has been enough to keep me going, and strive for better in myself and in my life. The blogging community is amazing, enhancing and wondrous. I am so glad to be a part of it.

Me : How long have you been blogging for?

Em : I started my blog in August 2015, when I was on holiday in Florida, at a time when I needed an outlet and someone to talk to more than ever. A year and a half later, and I’m still here. Typing away. My blog has grown. I have grown. And in the past year and half I have learned so much and experienced so many different things. I’m not proud to admit that I took a long break this year, whilst dealing with some difficult struggles, but I’m back, and 2017 is going to be a year filled with blogging.

Me : Who in the blogging community has impacted your life the most, and why?

Em : Goodness me, I don’t think I can name a person. How can I, when everybody is so motivating, kind and always spreading positivity? I can name a few – Elm, Luna, Georgie, Reine, L, Em, Selfie, Ash, Chloe, Hideaway Girl, Anna, A K A the Author, obviously you, Flawed Silence, Emily, and so, so many more. I feel bad not to be able to name everybody, but I’m half asleep and have probably left some very important people out! All of these people are constantly building me up, showing me the good sides of life and making me smile every day. They’re there for me when I need them, and their posts always light up my face. I can’t pick out a single person, because that would be unfair to the many who work so hard and are so involved in this amazing community. Plus, I could never choose out of the dozens there are. Everybody impacts my life. Every single post I read, I take away something. Whether it’s just a few words, the general meaning of the post, or a good laugh – everyone impacts my life in some way.

Me : Obviously you have incredibly supportive followers, have you had any hate?

Em : Not that I can remember. I don’t think I’ve ever received any direct hate. If I have, it’s not something that’s stuck in mind. I think that in this blogging world, everybody is so lovely and we have a very close knit community. I think hate would only take place if someone from the outside got in, and in my experience that hasn’t happened. I remember once, I had a misunderstanding with another blogger, which obviously wasn’t hate, but I felt so bad because it was my fault. I hadn’t explicitly done anything, I’d just been unaware of something and caused a misunderstanding. That wasn’t hate, but I’d felt very guilty and upset about it at the time! I think if anyone started receiving hate, they must let their followers know, because we’d all be there to stick up for them! And they mustn’t let it get to them either. Those who hate are just trying to bring you down, for no other reason than they are unhappy in themselves – something very important to remember when online.

Me : Have you ever thought about doing beauty, hauls and going down that route?

Em : It isn’t something I’ve spent a great deal of time considering. I mean, it has passed through my mind a few times, but no more than that. I’m not that into beauty, and definitely don’t see myself as being any sort of beauty guru. I’m the type of person who needs to learn off other people before I can do that myself. My blog is more of a place where I can express myself. If, one-day, I think that yes, today is the day to do an eyebrow tutorial, or something like that, then by all means, I won’t hesitate. I’ll do it. But I don’t think my blog could ever become completely beauty focused. I’m definitely more of a lifestyle, personal type blog where I just spill out my feelings and hope someone is reading.

Me : Fantastic! The interviews done. Thank you so much Em for letting me interview you 😊

Em : You’re welcome! I enjoyed it. I hope your readers like my answers πŸ™‚

And that was the interview with Em! I’ll definitely link her blog down below with all of her social media’s. I hope you enjoyed this interview, there are many more to come.
Also, this is a weekly Friday series at 5pm.
I’ll see you soon.

WordPress :
Twitter : @LyfWithEm
Instagram : @LyfWithEm
Kik : @LyfWithEm

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog and today I will be doing a post I’ve been meaning to do which is the ‘What I Got For Christmas 2016’. The reason I have been putting this off is because I have been really busy sorting out posts which you will later on see.

I would just also like to note some of these images are from google and another website because I wanted these photos to look pretty but the background I used for some of them wasn’t large enough for some items. That’s enough rambling so lets get on with this post.

The first photos I want to start with are photos I took and I’m pretty proud of.

The first thing I got was some make up. The brand I received was Makeup Revolution which I believe is just sold in the UK and very affordable.

371987cd-a4a7-4bf4-bdde-f8f6228ff550This is a lip palette which I have used and enjoyed, they do feel matte after a while though.
Next, this is a contour palette which the middle one (its a concealer) I have already hit pan on which makes me think that it doesn’t have much product in it. I think this contour kit is most suitable for fair skin because of how light the concealer is and how quite light the contour shade is.

This product is one of my favourites, this is a eyeshadow palette which is called ‘ Redemption’. This palette has a the most pigmented black I’ve ever seen, also the colours have a variety of matte and shimmery shades. But one thing I do want to point out is that the darker shades (apart from the black) look very different in the pan then they are swatched but they are very beautiful.

The photo just says it. I love the golden shade! It is such a gorgeous shade and very light reflected. I would say this suits more to tanned skin which I don’t have but still a great highlight. The pink shade isn’t that great, I haven’t used it before because I have other pink highlighters than I haven’t even hit pan on yet.
I’m really sorry that this is out of focus butΒ  I don’t wake up when there sun outside so there’s no chance ill get another photo.

This is a eyebrow kit, which has three eyebrow shades which if you have dark hair none of these shades will match you. The last clear/white is a wax which I believe you put on after you put on the brow colour. Now, ill be honest the golden shade I’m not sure where I put it. I believe it is a highlighter that is applied on your brow bone, I will say one thing but that is the most blinding highlight I’ve ever seen and it is a cream which could last longer.

Next, we have some brushes, one of them is limited edition. Before I took this photo I did use it which is why its dirty, when its clean its white. I do like these brushes but I don’t use them that offer, the middle one I use the most. Overall, they are good quality and look really neat.

This one, is quite boring. They are plan shoes and they are a size 4. They’re alright bit since they are new that hurt my heel.


That’s all for the photos I took, the next items ill show is clothing.

This is a two piece panda pyjamas. I will put out something, you see those ears. Those are actually pom-pomsΒ  and are placed in the absolute worst place possible.
Also, the photo shows the panda quite high up, its not that high up. I do like this, but the pom-poms are a bit.. You know.
P.S – It is really comfortable.


This jumper is so cosy, however it is so easy to rip. I recommend not stretching this jumper but if you do, just try and get it stitched back up.


This shirt is quite nice, its not really anything special but it is comfortable to wear but it does show off your figure.


That’s all the clothes I got, next lets show electronics.The first electronic is a Kindle Fire which I am really enjoying but I refuse to blog on it because its linked with my mums account.

3413f1e8-2289-4a5e-b511-07d7ed0f91e9The next electronic item I got was a phone! This is the Nokia Lumia 1020 which apparently has amazing camera quality which you can judge because the photos I took were taken on that phone.

Its pretty good but the WordPress app on there is pretty terrible. But, that doesn’t bother me too much.
That’s all that I got for Christmas, this post was quite long but it was kind of a 2-1, a review and a show and tell.

I hope you enjoyed this post, this post is quite 2016 me but this is a one off, expect more exciting posts soon.
I’ll see you soon with another post.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

Body Confidence

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog! If you have been here for a while you may have read my insecurities post. At the time of that post I was very insecure but over time those insecurities have faded away.
I wouldn’t say I’m 100% happy with my body, but who is?
You may be really young with so many insecurities but as time goes by those insecurities became something that doesn’t faze you.
Hey, I used to be insecure about my teeth, my eye, my belly… ect.
Why those things? Well, lets start with my belly region. I’m skinny. When I stretch you can see my ribs, and to me that is horrifying. I eat a lot of crap but it doesn’t effect my width. Now, I don’t care. So what that I cant gain weight easily.

Okay, next on the list is my eye. Only one eye, I was born with one of my eyes turned slightly inwards and it especially shows when I’m tired. But now, how cares? I don’t.

Next, is my teeth. Honestly, my teeth bothered me for the longest time. I’m not perfect in anyway and I’m definitely not going to pretend like it us.
Now, I make weird faces and love it.

There is one thing that I love to do, but some people hate that part if there body.
I love my double chin, well I don’t techniqually have one but I do love to show it.
I can make some great faces with that double chin.

I’m proud of my body, of how weird and unique it is. Everyone judges everyone for how they look. If you see that one person who just judges everyone… Get that double chin out and make faces at them. I would do that.

At my college, everyone in my course has had sex. I haven’t and I feel really insecure that I haven’t. But then I think about it… I’m only 16! I shouldn’t be doing those things so early. Yes I’m legal to but doesn’t mean I should.

I’m happy with who I am, and you should be too.

And with the post coming to an end, I would just like to say. I love you all very much and ill see you again soon.

Anonymous blogger signing out xxx

What To Expect In 2017!

Welcome back to my blog! Its 2017, and this year will be non stop focusing on the blog. Look forward to new series, more stories and possibly videos?! Yes, you read it right… Videos.
This year will be forever be remembered as the year A actual tried hard. Maybe at the end of the year ill actually be nominated for an award at the blogger awards.
I also want to get more into beauty this year, maybe a no mirror makeup challenge where you will see me stab myself in the eye multiple
This year I want take this blog a step higher. Decorate the site make it look professional when I’m no where near one.
Basically what I’m saying is I hope you are looking forward to new posts and a lot more positive me.
No negativity on this blog this year. All smiles up πŸ˜ƒ.

One more thing before I end this post, I wont be posting daily. I’ll post every few days at a specific time which is 5pm.

I hope you all have a lovely new year, keep up your resolutions.

P.S – My site has been decorated by the gorgeous Viola, I’m really happy with it. Follow her, she is amazing.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx